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Headache and treatment of common health Sohu Zhang Junhai, PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, there are different kinds of headache symptoms, it is not the same, here are several common methods of headache symptoms, causes and treatment of headache, 1. This is the most common form of onset, and the symptom of pain is that the entire head seems to be wearing a very tight cap or a heavy object. This kind of headache is often accompanied by redness of the eyes and fatigue. Cause: overwork, insomnia, depression. Treatment: no medication. Just rest quietly for hours in a quiet environment. Muscle massage in the neck can also eliminate pain. 2, ring headache. The symptom is around the head seems to be tightly sheathed with an iron ring like, especially in the forehead especially feel pain. Reason: cold, indigestion (hyperacidity, excessive drinking) or by a strong emotional stimulus. Treatment: if the hyperacidity caused, can take a bit of sodium bicarbonate and lemonade, then take the best analgesic, which can relieve headaches, can also reduce gastric acid. If it is due to excessive drinking, it is necessary to carry out gastrointestinal decompression so as not to cause vomiting. In the emotional condition, the best is to serve a small amount of analgesics. 3, forehead pain. This is a kind of severe headache that is confined to the forehead and radiated into the nose. Often red eyes. The reason: mostly due to cold or hot flashes caused by. If the pain is intermittent, it is the inflammation of the frontal sinus. Treatment: in order to quickly relieve pain, the most effective way is to take analgesics under the guidance of a doctor. 4, the forehead (Temple) pain. This is a violent beating of pain, the symptom is like a hammer knocking on one or both sides of the forehead like. Reason: often due to carbon monoxide (that is, smoke) poisoning or in the anoxic environment for a long time. Sometimes Cohen is caused by the confusion of the circulatory system or the excessive consumption of physical energy. Treatment: the more efficient way is to massage the forehead, brow in cold compress to relieve pain. Take painkillers is also effective approach under the guidance of a doctor. 5, migraine. This is the only form of pain on the side of the head. Sometimes you can feel pain in the face of the trigeminal nerve. Cause: may be caused by allergies, rheumatism and neuralgia. At present, the specific cause of migraine is not clear. Treatment: can be under the guidance of a doctor taking painkillers, can also according to different situations and taking anti rheumatic drug allergy pit.相关的主题文章: