Commission to open up a green channel financing services national poverty alleviation strategy borderland

The Commission will open up the financing Easy Access service of national poverty alleviation strategy Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million / reporter Li Dandan, editor Pu Hongyi to support the poor areas of industrial development, helping the poor people out of poverty and stability in poor areas, the SFC IPO, new enterprises three listed, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other open Easy Access. This is the 9 China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the role of the role of the role of the capital market to serve the country out of poverty strategy (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Commission spokesman Deng Ge said at a news conference on the 9 day, the "opinions" the Commission is the party committees to implement the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on winning the battle of the decision" (out of poverty in 2015 and No. 34) is an important measure of the poverty alleviation work conference spirit. Deng Ge pointed out that the Commission party has been the poverty alleviation work as lofty political responsibility, comrade Liu Shiyu of the Commission of poverty alleviation work group leader, each party member and party secretary of the Shenzhen stock exchange in Shanghai, a county poverty alleviation twinning links. "Opinions" requirements, efforts to gather the commission system and the main capital market, service of national poverty alleviation strategy to support poverty-stricken areas financing using multi-level capital market, to support and encourage the listed companies, securities and futures business institutions to carry out poverty alleviation fund of social responsibility, strengthen investor protection in poor areas. In order to support the development of poor areas of the industry, to help poor people out of poverty, the Commission on poverty in the region’s first public offering of shares, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions, etc.. Specifically, the registration and the main production and operation of land in poor areas and carry out the production and operation for three years, the payment of income tax over three years of business, or registered in poor areas, poor areas in recent years to pay income tax of not less than not to change the registered enterprises 20 million yuan and promised three years after the listing in an IPO application, apply "is reported as a trial, namely" policy. Registered in poor areas of enterprise application listed in the National SME share transfer system, the implementation of "special docking, special audit", "reported that the application of trial, is hanging" relief policy, listing fees. For the issuance of corporate bonds and asset-backed securities to enterprises in poor areas, the implementation of the "special docking, special audit", the application of the "reported that the trial" policy. "Opinions" pointed out that, to further improve the service of national poverty alleviation strategy mechanism, strengthen the organization leadership, strengthen the precise poverty alleviation poverty alleviation mechanism, perfecting the talent perfect precision assessment system, the effectiveness of poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation precise propaganda and guidance. At present, the various departments of the SFC, the system is based on the units in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation details. THE_END to enter [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: