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Comments: telephone fraud operators blame – Beijing telephone fraud, many people have encountered. In the past, most of the telephone fraud target is the elderly, but at the time of entry of new college students, the crooks targeted the prospective College students. Within a day, Shandong, Linyi two prospective college students were telephone fraud, tuition cheated. About to enter the University of Shandong, Luozhuang, 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu in, in August 19th received a telephone fraud, the other claimed to have a $2600 grant to her. In this strange phone before, Xu Yuyu had received a notice of the education sector grants, so there is no guard, in accordance with the instructions of the liar on the ATM machine will go to college costs 9900 yuan to cheat. Cheated after that, Xu Yuyu was heartbroken, stagnation in the heart, leading to cardiac arrest, although the hospital to rescue, but unfortunately died at 21 days. Also in August 19th, Hedong District of Linyi Tangtou Village Street Bridge female students Qin, also was cheated out of tuition, to drop out. This is a liar to her credit card overdraft grounds, and verification, issued a warrant officer up link, cheated the girl 6800 yuan tuition, girls have no money to pay the tuition, to suspend the procedures to apply for school. In this regard, yesterday afternoon, the official website of the Ministry of education has issued a special bulletin, remind prospective students to guard against fraud, "no matter which unit or individual to provide assistance, should not require students to ATM or online interactive operation. If there is a similar request, please consult the teacher and the local education department, do not operate in accordance with the requirements of each other’s transfer, so as not to be deceived". Ministry of education also said in the briefing, the state has established a complete system of student financial aid. As long as the students have financial difficulties, the government and the school will provide students with appropriate funding. The board of education reminded quite timely, but I do not know the majority of students are not able to timely understand. Around the university is about to start, prospective college students who have already prepared the tuition. Plus they are credulous, crooks will wait. Of course, who exposed the prospective students identity information is worthy of studying. At present, a large number of personal information disclosure and property losses increased. Medical information, social relations information, account information, network behavior information and other aspects of the security situation is worrying. The consequences of the disclosure of personal information, I believe many people have experienced the pain of cutting one’s body: spam messages, harassing phone Everfount one after another, spam is more overwhelming, do card overdraft arrears false, accident cases, illegal companies to drop from the clouds of fraud, posing as police to transfer, personal reputation damage and other serious consequences for no reason. Therefore, the state should speed up the process of promoting the protection of personal information security. At the same time, more worthy of attention is that telephone fraud, the phone can not do without this tool. As the saying goes, injustice has a head, with the main debt. However, after the phone can not be certified real name fraud can be implemented, coupled with the way the bank transfer, basically became unable to trace the headless debt. This process, for criminals, is a form of encouragement? According to media reports, many have occurred involving 170!相关的主题文章: