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College students online shopping ticket frequently telecommunications fraud net sales of only 18 yuan a ticket information vendors with reporters dialogue screenshots. The invasion of third party ticket platform "hackers" to sell online shopping ticket passenger information students frequently telecommunications fraud recently, there are a number of college students to reflect this reporter, in the purchase of their homecoming tickets, encounter SMS, telephone and other forms of telecommunications fraud, the loss of more than million. There are many reporters unannounced visits found that the sale of ticket information network. They through the operation of third party software intrusion ticket platform daemon, "transfer" ticket information. Mike JINGWAH Times reporter Han Linjun Wu Hongli case eyeing a liar before school tuition at a university in Dalian (a pseudonym) is Luoyang, August 21st, she bought a ticket to Dalian on August 25th through the third party ticket platform. Li said, in August 24th, she received a message called the order of flight mechanical failure, the need for change or refund. Because the start date is approaching, Xiao Li is very anxious, watching the message in your name, flight number, flight date are very accurate, they did not notice the message number is not the flight of China Eastern Airlines official number. According to Li message prompts, called the so-called "customer service number, requirements change. The other told her to pay, change fees, and the need for a transfer in the ATM machine. So, Mike found a ATM machine, operate in accordance with the "customer service" message, the sleepwalk card was transferred out of 10 thousand yuan. She called the CEA official customer service consulting, only to find themselves cheated. The same thing happened in the small Shanghai East China Normal University sophomore (a pseudonym) who, according to Wen said, she received SMS fraud in August 24th tickets, each claiming to be the airline customer service, canceled flights to Xiaowen, do change can get compensation on the grounds of the ATM machine, according to the prompts induced by small text. The small annual tuition was transferred out of 6100 yuan. Currently, the police investigation. In addition, the netizen "a language a warm autumn cold yesterday micro Bo said, she is a college student from Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine. In the school, she received a phone call, the other that the health center staff, and that her card is restricted. "I asked him the specific reasons, the other said it was because my Medicare card reimbursement of 19870 yuan." When she told the other party did not have such an amount of reimbursement, the other prompted her to report to the police, and transferred to the public security bureau. After the call is connected to the police, she called the staff report, the other immediately said to her, her identity card for money laundering, she will have to bear criminal responsibility. Want to prove innocence, only through a way, he asked me to put all the savings in the home to the designated bank card, the police can protect the bank card, to prevent prosecutors freeze account." Subsequently, she hurried to operate in accordance with the method, all the savings in the home 110 thousand yuan were all cheated. This netizen also said that his parents of over fifty years, basically lost the ability to work on相关的主题文章: