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Cold car how hot? In situ hot ignition or go – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] the weather turns cold, hot summer the owners do not pay too much attention and became a hot topic, many of the old driver said: "after the launch vehicle must go hot! 5 minutes is not enough, just 10 minutes". There is a part of the owners that do not need heat, starting the car, you can directly drive away. The public just said, both sides just said, who cannot persuade and engage in many owners confused and disoriented. Today we’ll talk about how hot? 20 years ago, the domestic car uses a carburetor engine, before reaching the working temperature, the atomization of fuel oil supply system is not good, often can not work normally, if there will be barely moving, speed instability, flameout and not normal phenomenon, must wait until after the engine is warm can travel, this is the origin of hot one. In early August 2001, to stop selling the carburetor car in the country. Computer control of the fuel injection nozzle is not only accurate, the fuel atomization degree is greatly improved, therefore, after the start of only a short time machine speed can be stabilized, the vehicle can travel immediately, is no longer needed, please look down for harm. As long as the car will start burning oil this truth who all know, stop there in vain to burn 10 minutes of idle gasoline, peace when there is no traffic jam like the two. Many people think the car will make the engine full lubrication, in fact, in situ hot will only make the engine temperature increased slowly, the main engine wear from cold start, in situ hot does not produce good lubrication on the driving mechanism and the engine, more will not let the traveling system into full lubrication, so long time no in situ hot engine protection effectively, but let the engine health discount, and in situ hot caused by incomplete combustion will increase lead to carbon deposition. Although the car exhaust haze is not the culprit, but also a source of pollution can not be ignored. Talk to emission test data, about 80% of the emissions of pollutants are produced after the cold start in 1 minutes, one reason is the cold car needs more fuel, on the other hand three yuan catalytic temperature did not come up, so the cold idle emissions is outrageous. If the winter standing idle to the car, a long time, the damage to the environment will not bear to say. If it happens to have an external circulation, the exhaust will be sucked into the car. In low temperature environment, oil, transmission oil viscosity, high damping, high fuel consumption, emissions are not good, because of these reasons and not recommended when driving high speed cold car, in order to avoid unnecessary wear of the engine. As a low turn slow speed, engine speed control at 2000 rpm, the best way to avoid rough driving big bang accelerator. Whether in winter or summer, we all need a hot car, but when the time can not be like the old driver as a heat for 10 minutes, it will not only waste gas and pollute the environment, and it is easy to lead to the increase of internal engine carbon deposit. The correct way is the car, start the engine, such as ten seconds, this time is just enough for you to fasten your safety belt and hold.相关的主题文章: