COFCO entered homes in alcoholic liquor aftershocks can break still unknown chasing low-end high-end

COFCO entered homes in alcoholic liquor aftershocks can break still unknown chasing low-end high-end hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor: white COFCO homes in alcoholic liquor can pursue high-end low-end aftershocks breakthrough is still unknown by the plasticizer incident influence the continuous loss of alcoholic liquor, COFCO group entered and experienced a number of executive turnover, is seeking to build a large single product strategy to break the "investor" reporter to the Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Jin Jing Jiugui Liquor Jiugui Liquor", 000799.SZ) recent high-level changes constantly. October 21st, the company announced that the board received the resignation of deputy general manager Liu Fahong report. This is the year Jiugui Liquor fifth executives leave. More than executives frequently leave investors anxious, since 2012 the results of alcoholic liquor plasticizer event exceed the standard, cliff fall until April of this year before the official "st". But they soon reappeared, operating income and net profit double down situation. Since COFCO is alcoholic liquor to take full control of its executives leave, after leaving Liu Fahong, whether there will be executives leave? Executives leaving one after another will affect the results of alcoholic liquor? The future of alcoholic liquor will take what strategies and reshape the brand image? On these issues, the reporter contacted the "investor" Jiugui Liquor Company, secretaries phone has no answer. The five executives leaving one after another alcoholic liquor in October 21st’s announcement, Liu Fahong for personal reasons resigned deputy general manager duties. According to public information, Liu Fahong served as Zhuhai GREE group finance director, member enterprises in the state owned assets supervision and Administration Committee of the Zhuhai Municipal Finance Director, the board of directors of state-owned enterprises stationed in Hong Kong, Zhuhai Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. General manager. Prior to January, alcoholic liquor announced that its board of directors Zhao Gongwei, Shen Shuzhong, Xia Xinguo received a written resignation. Then, in April, alcoholic liquor deputy general manager Fan Zhen also apply for personal reasons to resign. Insiders believe that the high turnover of alcoholic liquor continuously, mainly by the previous impact event "and other factors in cofco. The former makes the alcoholic liquor performance of consecutive losses, and also by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange delisting risk warning; the latter is the core of leadership position is "alcoholic liquor COFCO" occupy men. Among them, the chairman and general manager of alcoholic liquor were taken over by Jiang Guojin and Dong Shungang. In addition, alcoholic liquor sales, management, financial and other positions per capita by COFCO background replacement. The brokerage said that COFCO white alcoholic liquor, the subsequent period. Because the alcoholic liquor is COFCO’s only listed liquor companies, is expected to help COFCO resources to achieve leapfrog development, the management of blood transfusion will be injected into the new management mode. However, there are different opinions of the industry pointed out that although each statement is called "alcoholic liquor will not affect the company’s production operations, but executives frequently change will bring to the outside world regardless of capital investment相关的主题文章: