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We sometimes get approached by clients, who tell us a lot of things about how they want their website to look and do, but never even mention about the content management system. No matter how surprising is the fact that some people are still not aware of the importance of a CMS, we know that there would be clients like this, and it is upon us to make them understand this crucial thing and then help them take a suitable pick according to their requirements. Whats a CMS? Now to start with the basic facts about CMS – a Content Management System is a .puter system that actually manages the content of your website. It allows for publishing, editing and modifying content without having to mess around with the websites code. This actually allows the administrators who are not technically skillful to handle and maintain the website with ease. Basically, the process of having a site designed for you remains the same. You have to get the web developers to understand your needs before they design and build the site. The only thing is that they do it within the framework of a specific CMS. So, you can take control of your own site by adding content and expanding the site as required by your business. At present there are several CMSs in the market, but the most popular ones are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla. A lot of people think of WordPress as a pure blogging platform however, this is not true anymore. WordPress is really improved now and can ac.plish any number of tasks. Also there are design firms out there that can create a custom CMS for you to suite your exact specifications, in case what you want cant be built within any of the existing CMSs. But in our experience however, any of these wonderful CMSs mentioned here would for you. 5 Reasons to must have a CMS The following are the five most prominent reasons for you to want a CMS: You are in-charge of your content Earlier with static websites, you would pay a web design firm to design and build your site and to update it as well. Because everything is done through codes, being a non-technical person, you wouldnt know how to make changes and needed experts to handle everything. Now, this is different, you cant let your site just be there but update it regularly. Modern web world is social media driven, where audience expects new, fresh content or your website is considered dead. CMS platforms let you do exactly this, making it extremely easy to maintain a website. Even with no technical knowledge, anyone can add articles, news, photos and videos through a user-friendly back-end interface. Basically you can make changes and update your site without depending on a vendor to do the job. CMSs make your website expandable If you are a start-up .pany, not big but have all plans and potential to make it big. You would definitely want a website that can grow as your business does. CMS gives your website a platform to grow on. CMSs let say you need to add new features and new sections to your site as time passes. If you expand your business and want to add another location page on your site, then all you need to do is to log in to the CMS, choose a page template, give it a title and then add the content. You can then choose for that page to show up on the websites main menu if you want to. Save your investment Depending on a vendor for every update means a lot of extra expense also. Web development can cost a lot if you want professional help and above that constant updates can really eat up your precious investment. CMS lets the website owner or administrator to handle the duties of updating the site. This lets you save a lot of money. Also having a website built within a CMS is usually not very expensive and costs similar to having a static site. Add functionality One of the most important benefits of a CMS is the vast array of modules and plugins that can add to your sites functionality. Do you want to add a special feature? Theres a module to do that. Simply do a search, click an add button or follow simple instructions and its installed. There are extensions for everything that you want for your site. CMS plugins are really great for adding new functionality to your site with ease. However, its advisable not to overload your site with extra plugins as they can really slow your site down. But worry not, there are also a plugins that can solve that problem. Its Considered Best Practice Using a CMS is considered to be todays best practice. It is now standard practice as, building a site the old way simply doesnt anymore. Nowadays sites need to be dynamic with frequent updates. In order to get the search engines attention, you need to show that you are contributing to the online .munity on a regular basis, and if you can do that then you get rewarded with higher search engine rankings. Your site will grow if you can attract more visitors, and they are likely to .e back if you have something new to show them on a regular basis. So, this is the most important part, if you attract potential customer, they are more likely to make a purchase. More sells make your business grow and achieve business goals. Thus, CMS makes you achieve your business goals in an effective way. Conclusion When you can avail all of these benefits, then why stick to a static website? CMS provides you the .fort of maintaining and updating your website yourself, and in this way you can easily grab the attention of your audience without spending extra money. When you are controlling your own content, then you would also want to update your site more frequently. The world is moving at fast pace, it is the time of moving forward with the social media. Dont lag behind, move ahead keeping pace with the world, let a CMS help you do that. Valuebound is a leading Drupal Development .pany providing Enterprise Drupal web solutions. For more information on Drupal Development,contact 相关的主题文章: