China’s old man was abandoned airport in the United States sold his granddaughter to the University zznba

China old abandoned us airport was the granddaughter sold Beijing real university – Sohu news recently, Atlanta Chinese WeChat group in turn such a message: a 81 year old man has been Chinese at Atlanta Airport to stay for three days, her daughter and granddaughter in Atlanta. It is understood that the old man will daughter granddaughter raise and sent abroad, but also to granddaughter sold Beijing old university. In November 7th, Atlanta Chinese network reported that the old man has been with the help of friends arrived in Beijing, Beijing volunteers went to pick up her friends for accommodation for her. 6 aircraft No. 3 put the old man to the airport to the old lady is a retired teacher. After his wife died, he brought her daughter with a large, support her daughter graduated from Tsinghua University, and study in the United states. Daughter and her first husband, a woman, from the age of one year old to the elderly. Granddaughter 12 years old, the old man and his granddaughter emigrated to the United States with her daughter. This story, with many of the early study of the Chinese family in the United States are similar. An elderly man with a good daughter and daughter with her children away from their homeland to continue to devote the rest of my life, this is a common phenomenon in today’s society China left behind elderly. Although the elderly children devoted to lament, but if the children of filial piety provide quality of life for parents, let parents share happiness in old age and grandchildren, is All sufferings have their reward. You can never think of is, this is a story of the next style was to become The path winds along mountain ridges., people can not look. After her daughter divorced her ex husband, she married an american. The new husband is bad for the old. The usual mocking words abuse is homely food. The old man said her son-in-law called her old dinosaur". Daughter and son-in-law are decent jobs, high income, but never for the elderly to improve the quality of life. The old man in the United States for many years, rarely go out, not go to play, even the Asian supermarket only been one or two times. In order for a granddaughter college, sold his living in Beijing for a lifetime home. Since Georgia State University and granddaughter after graduation to work, but the old man is very cold. Never ignore, even the old man a grandmother refused. The elderly in the country has no address, no immediate family. He is English, is not willing to let the domestic friends know their distress, let people see her life hard only raised two horse "baiwenhang". So the old man can only have been at home silently bear their own hands to bring up the daughter and granddaughter of cold violence. Downhearted people said, do not want to die in the United States, also don’t want to see if indifferent passers-by daughter and granddaughter, just want to return to their homeland, buried in there. Has six years of green card, the old man seems to have no meaning. So granddaughter gave the old man to buy Korean air back to China in November 13th, the plane ticket. But it seems that the young people do not want to let Grandma a day stay at home, the ticket changed dates to November 6th, and in November 3rd took the old man to the airport handlebar. The elderly suffering from diabetes, two nights did not.相关的主题文章: