China swimming army half 20 gold.-kimi wo omou melodi

China "swimming army" half 20 gold Xinhua news agency in Rio De Janeiro on September 12th. Sports news (reporter He Jun Zheng Zhi) China "swimming army" 12, winning 4 gold, once again set off a wave in the Paralympic swimming pool. So far, more than half of the Rio Paralympic Games, Chinese swimmers a total harvest of 20 gold and 20 Silver and 12 bronze medals and medals are far ahead. The Paralympic Games, swimming is a large gold Chinese Teams in Chinese worthy of the name, it obtained 50 gold medals in 40% from the project. The Chinese swimming team won a record 24 gold medals at the London paralympics. No accident, this is expected to continue to make a breakthrough. China Paralympic swimming team coach Zhang Honghu told reporters, after half China athletes in the swimming competition will also participate in the 49 projects, of which more than and 10 have red gold strength, the number of the Paralympic Games swimming gold medal is likely to break 30. The 12 day, the first time to participate in the Paralympic Games Chinese 18 year-old Zhang Li, won twentieth gold medals for China in the women’s 50 meter freestyle S5 game, this is her third time this tournament is the highest on the podium, the other two gold medals respectively in the 200 meter freestyle and 4 grade S5 mixed × won; the 50 meter freestyle relay. Zhang Li as the representative of the novice to come to the fore, is the biggest highlight of the Rio Paralympics China swimming program. In addition to Zhang Li, for the first time on the Olympic stage Peng Qiuping won two gold medals, a Jiao in the women’s 150 meter medley gold. In addition, two "after 00" players Xu Jialing, Chen Yi also came to prominence in the Olympic Games, won medals. Behind the swimmer shine in the Paralympic Game, the government continue to invest in infrastructure projects and greatly enhance the swimming disabled swimming training scientific and professional level. Zhang Honghu said that the country is now more and more people on the disabled swimming, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) basically have a complete team, increase the number of domestic events to promote the development of the project, increasing the number of participants. Rio Paralympic Games swimming competition from September 8th to 17, a total of 152 gold medals.相关的主题文章: