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China gaming professional in Colleges and universities. The British media: not all day playing games – the Sohu News Reference News Network November 14th British media reported that the China first E-sports professional has started to recruit students, the electronic sports industry in China has become a high income industry. According to the British "times" website reported on November 11th, Xilingol Vocational College, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in August this year, the formal establishment of E-sports professional and began enrollment, which sparked a heated discussion on the internet. Reported that the electronic sports professional students of the school to answer "on the popular video game heroes union" problems in the examination period in the end of this week, many students hope to find work in the e-sports industry income high after graduation. The first batch of professional students of He Jinduo said: "a day before the exam, I hold back class notes for a whole night. The exam covers many aspects of a gaming game development history and operating skills, most of the content of classroom teaching and the teacher, not through systematic learning can not get high marks." Wu Hao, director of the professional education, said E-sports is not to allow students to play games all day. He said: "there are six subjects in the history of e-sports, mainly about the most popular video games in the world. About 30% of the students failed in the exam." Reported that E-sports began to spread in China in 2003, when the State Sports General Administration for the first time admitted that E-sports is a sport. Since then, the rapid development of the industry, cheer occupation electronic sports teams often in the millions of fans through the site or online game to win the prize. There are about 408 million online players in China, half of them will watch it. In recent days, the label "exam" in the period of gaming in micro-blog cited more than 2 million 200 thousand times, both proponents and critics. A micro-blog user commented: "I can’t believe it’s a professional school. Too much attention to computer games will only weaken the will of the students, playing games is not good for their future." Last year, China’s professional E-sports player Li Xiaofeng announced his retirement. In his career, Li Xiaofeng’s average annual income of about 100 thousand pounds (about $858 thousand – this net note), which means that E-sports can become a considerable income professional. Li Xiaofeng heard the news about the course, said: "my dream has finally come true." Some of the best athletes have the opportunity to participate in international competitions. Last August, five members of the Chinese Wings team won the Seattle DOTA2 International Invitational championship, and received a $9 million 120 thousand bonus. Yang Shaohua, the marketing manager of TV, a video game giant, said: "unlike traditional sports, there are many types of traditional sports, such as football and basketball. The establishment of E-sports professional schools should serve as a pilot, from the community feedback still need to wait and see."相关的主题文章: