Chicken Spring Festival the dinner on New Year’s Eve order hot new tricks chicken Andrew package luc nvidia geforce gt 740m

Chicken Spring Festival the dinner on New Year’s Eve order hot new tricks "chicken Andrew package" luck – Beijing chicken year ago there for two months. Can the dinner on New Year’s Eve booking ahead of "hot". Beijing morning news reporter recently visited the capital part of the old food and beverage companies found that Ya has been ordered to go out more than 80%, compared to new year’s Day meal instead of so nervous. Impatient businesses have begun to prepare the dinner on New Year’s Eve, and chicken with "Ji", like Quanjude stores in Tongzhou this year launched a "chicken auspicious" packages, each file package has chicken (Ji) dishes. The new orders 80% between the early booking just after mid November, away from the Spring Festival is still far away. But the reporter visited Quanjude, hongbinlou, tongchunyuan, barbecue Wan, casserole in time-honored Shoppes, new year’s day, the room had the dinner on New Year’s Eve public reservations in advance. "This year than in previous years to advance reservations." Another Shun Yang manager, in November of last year, is a new year’s day more than some of the book, I did not expect this year’s rice fell ahead of time, and now has ordered more than 80%. And this is also a lot of customers in accordance with the experience of previous years specially booked in advance. Is Ms. Li Song garden restaurant reservation is long experience: "last year the meal did not set. In particular, we are like more than and 20 big family dinner, it is not good. I’m just on the mobile phone calendar and memos are added to remind the dinner on New Year’s Eve dining rooms reservation." Reporters at the hongbinlou, barbecue Wan, and living with, such as time-honored shops in casserole reservation list, found that there are a lot of customers in the new year’s Eve dinner, on the way to the new year’s Eve dinner this year. "Many customers are booking the dinner on New Year’s Eve year." Tongchunyuan leaves Manager: "in our stores across the years booking customers have the dinner on New Year’s Eve accounted for three or four, some customers insisted for more than and 10 years has been the case, almost without interruption." The new pattern of "Xiang chicken meal" luck in addition to the public a reservation the dinner on New Year’s Eve Blair, a lot of time-honored also to start preparing the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Tongzhou Quanjude shop, by China culinary masters Guan Changrui innovation developed eight sets of different prices of the dinner on New Year’s Eve has been released. Although each file of the dinner on New Year’s Eve design, still Duck Webs with Mustard, Salted Duck Liver, dry bamboo shoots, duck breast Sauteed Duck Hearts and a variety of authentic Quanjude traditional specialty as the foundation, but the annual dinner packages per chicken too chicken (Ji) dishes, such as using a variety of ingredients of piecing into cold spell "the rooster"; with chicken sauce and shred dish with vegetables like "Ruyi" "Ji Xiang (chicken)". In addition, the dinner on New Year’s Eve Tongzhou also collocation "Sambo": burning catfish, sugar fire and fried creak box. At present, the table stores the dinner on New Year’s Eve began to get nervous, in order to alleviate the demand, especially the introduction of the afternoon and night two hall of the dinner on New Year’s Eve table. The new service is 80 year old waiting area due to the dinner on New Year’s Eve are basically family meals, many elderly people, this year, barbecue season, tongchunyuan River in three and living with, and living with the Shichahai restaurant, Emei restaurant, hongbinlou, song garden restaurant, another smooth, earth restaurant and other time-honored launched convenience measures according to the new, the family has 80 years old for dinner, family, Lynn相关的主题文章: