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Chengde found that 300 years old group of each tree was chestnut chestnut 100 Jin ancient chestnut trees ancient chestnut group newspaper news (reporter correspondent Huang Yongli Yue Peng) is the city of rich chestnut Kuancheng County, the day before it was found in the county Mencius Ling stone pillars village has an ancient chestnut group, only in the piece in the area on the concentration of 14 chestnut trees, the oldest has been more than 300 years. According to the stone pillars of the village Party branch secretary Liu Jinghai introduction, the chestnut had existed, few families belong to the village, we usually see more is accustomed to, and not feel that they have what is different from other chestnut. However, according to the old man in the village, the chestnut at least 300 years of history, is a former village originally built under the. September 26th, the reporter followed Liu Jinghai went to the village of stone pillars to visit these 300 year old old man". In a gentle slope zone, stands the 14 ancient chestnut tree with luxuriant foliage, echoed, trees, chestnut has been the villagers harvest. There is a measure of the villagers arm trunk, need two people to encircle it. "These every year can be harvested chestnut chestnut 50 kilograms, than the average results much more chestnut tree," the finger next to only a few years old small chestnut, Liu Jinghai said: "in general, these smaller trees can only harvest every year chestnut chestnut 5 kilograms, it is an old but vigorous, top ten tree!" These old chestnut trees can be found in Kuancheng, local people think this is a normal thing, after all, has always been known for producing chestnut kuancheng. Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County as the soil rich in iron, adequate light rain and heat in the same period, the temperature difference between day and night, suitable for the growth of Chinese chestnut. When the chestnut fruit estate full grain, uniform, edible sweet taste, peel cooked easy to peel, has a reputation of "Oriental Pearl". When talking about how to protect and use these ancient chestnut, it is understood that the village committee is actively planning to focus on the protection of these ancient chestnut trees, so that they play a role at the same time for the villagers to get rich, can also provide a beautiful tourist attractions for tourists, the ancient chestnut and stone here Zi Shan, sightseeing, picking and other activities organically, so as to benefit one party.  相关的主题文章: