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Musician Chen Yaochuan David Lui music story about national brother David Lui thank Sohu entertainment   David Lui; encourage imitation Sohu entertainment new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, 21:30 Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast, and at the same time in Chongqing Fashion Channel Hangzhou, West Lake pearl channel, Jiangsu arts channel, Shaanxi channel, Hebei TV channel, Fujian city channel, Henan TV channel, Wuhan sports channel, Shandong channel, Sichuan channel and other women living in more than a dozen ground channel broadcast simultaneously. In the current "hidden singer", "multi habitat artist" David Lui and the famous musician, Chen Yaochuan met, the scene of the old love song on behalf of the creation of the process, said the song of the core of the strength of the core of the song of David Lui Chen Yaochuan. In the program, imitation "Guardian" David Lui tells the touching story about love and responsibility, the scene thanks to David Lui. Chen Yaochuan explained the story behind the song song called David Lui with David Lui to participate in the "core strength" hidden for the first time as a guest singer, together with all men race, and Taiwan to guess jury in one of the "main force" is the debut of the music of Lv Fanggang — Chen Yaochuan. The third imitation song for David Lui’s classic "old love song". I heard this song, the audience are tempted to start feeling, moderator Mickey Huang said: "a lot of people in the song, will feel very sad." Guess jury Lin sister also took little excited and said: "I listen to this song, like the song in the end who wrote it, he must be a lot of women hurt, I must see him and asked him how many lovers!" As we all expected, this song is the creation of our people! We are expected to have been "a lot of women hurt" and "have numerous lovers" in the party after Chen Yaochuan listens really terrified, he explained: "in fact, this song is not what harm, is a kind of feelings, but the song red after, does have a crush on a specific age overtake many students to ask me this song is not for them." Chen Yaochuan said that David Lui’s songs have a positive attitude, can be said to bring their own core strength, able to impress the audience. "Guardian of David Lui touched the audience scene thanks to David Lui in the third round of imitation, not only the" old song "to impress the audience, as well as a guardian of David Lui" is to make the scene moved to cry. The imitation is a suffering from Down syndrome of the elder brother, only 22 years old, he had to assume the burden of responsibility and affection, "from my parents taught me how to take care of and protect my brother, my brother will do a lifetime guardian, regardless of their lives where is married or not, my brother will bring together." So "national brother", how can not be moved by people! "Although my brother is different from normal people in many ways, his love for music is the same as that of ordinary people." Imitation said, brother love David Lui very much, every time I heard his song will be very happy, so as the brother’s guardian, he used to sing songs to listen to my brother David Lui!相关的主题文章: