Changde, a cargo vehicle used battery fire on fire after half an hour was destroyed (video) vidalia

Changde, a cargo car battery fire after the fire was killed half an hour after the truck loaded with waste batteries. Fire fighting. (original title: truck loaded with scrap batteries from the fire emergency fire fighting Changde) November 9th news net Changde station 10:24 on November 8th, Hunan Province Economic Development Zone of Changde city fire brigade received a report that: located in Changde City Economic Development Zone, Gan Ming Road, a large truck caught fire. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade immediately dispatched a Steyr Steyr water tank, a water tank, a total of 10 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight the blaze. At the scene, a license plate number for the bulk of the rear of the van R truck fire, the fire is in a violent development phase, the crisis. Owners readme, the fire for the car to check the electric car battery scrap, no casualties at the scene. Fire commanders consider fire special items, the risk of explosion, then ordered the fighters of the laying of a trunk, a gun and a portable foam generator for fire fighting, the other part of the combatants do on-site warning, evacuation onlookers at the scene. After 12 minutes of strong onslaught, the fire was basically controlled, no longer spread to the truck does not fire site. Fire officers and soldiers to use the fire hook to catch the car on the hook, clean the fire area. Half an hour later, the fire was completely extinguished. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. (net correspondent Lu Pengfei) recommended Video: waste battery secretly transporting what will happen?相关的主题文章: