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CBA dunk Wang Yuanfu Australia and join Australia League NBL teammate Wang Tong won the 2016 CBA all star dunk contest champion Tencent sports news October 25th officially announced the Shanghai men’s basketball team, CBA dunk king, known as the "China Lavin" Wang Tongxin will join the Australian league season, and he went to Australia and teammate Yan Peng together. "A new generation of dunk king" and "King Tong and Chinese Lavin ‘teammate Yan Peng, joined the Australian NBL league team playing the Bracey team, overseas exchange. The club is focused on long-term development, and hopes to use overseas resources to give young players more training opportunities. Then let two young players to Australia NBL League training, broaden their horizons and increase combat experience." Shanghai men’s basketball team announced on micro-blog. For their new season will go to Australia’s top league to play the news, Wang Tong himself confirmed, he said he will adapt to the new challenges, opens up a new model, although there are ready, but still hope I can quickly adapt to new challenges to strengthen ourselves!!!" Wang Tong was able to fly the good fame "button, China Lavin said," in last season’s CBA all star dunk contest, Wang Tong with two surprise four slam dunk contest win. At the time of the interview, Wang Tong said he will participate in the dunk contest, but with this time joined the League of Australia, this desire will be temporarily stranded Wang tong. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Wang Tong Yan Peng and his teammates, and another player in this China Australia NBL has joined the league, from August this year, the Shenzhen men’s basketball team Liu Bo signed with the Sydney kings, became the first landing in Australia’s top league players China.相关的主题文章: