Canada Immigration quotas in 2017 300 thousand economic immigration increase lara fabian

2017 Canadian immigration quota of 300 thousand economic class immigration quota increase original title: Canada 2017 immigration quota 300 thousand economic immigration quota increased in new Toronto on 31 October, (reporter Xu Changan) local time on October 31st afternoon, the Federal Department of Civil Affairs announced the total number of refugees and immigrants receiving quotas in the country in 2017 300 thousand, unchanged from 2016, and the economic class immigration quota increased. In the afternoon, the federal immigration and refugee Civil Affairs Minister John Jialian (John McCallum) wheat in Ottawa submitted to Congress the immigration plan. According to the plan, in 2017 Canada will receive a total of 300 thousand immigrants. Among them, the economic class immigrants 172500 people, an increase of more than 11900 people in 2016. Economic immigrants divided into federal economic immigration of 73700 people, the federal family class immigration workers 18000 people, federal business migrants 500 people, 51000 people in the provincial nominee program. In addition, there are 29300 skilled migrants and business migrants in Quebec. Family cluster immigration increased from 80000 in 2016 to a total of 84000 people, including parents and grandparents emigrated to the group of 20000 people, spouses and minor children of the reunion of immigrants to 64000 people. The number of refugees receiving a slight decline from 55800 in 2016 to 40000. In addition, the size of the minimum humanitarian compassion category of immigrants from 2016 to 3600 people slightly reduced to 3500. The Federal Department of immigration to Canada, facing the impact of aging population and labor shortage problem, but also to maintain the country’s global competitiveness in this situation, these problems need to be resolved by immigration. The 2017 immigration plan takes into account the needs of Canada and the country’s financial situation. Previously, for the launch of the program, the Federal Department of immigration from the beginning of this summer held a roundtable nationwide, Jina views. For this new immigration plan, pointed out that the director, Canada lotai immigration and arbitration law firm senior immigration consultant Dr. Jin Zhaowu told news agency interview, 300 thousand of the total number of immigration quotas, although more than in 2015 a lot, but roughly flat with 2016. Jin Zhaowu analysis pointed out that compared with the number of immigrants in 2016, the economic class immigration quota has increased significantly, which increased by more than 10 thousand people. But on the whole, if we do not consider the factors of refugees, in 2017 the number of immigrants in each category and in previous years, there is not much difference, basically maintained at about 260 thousand. The new program, the decline in the refugee quota is more obvious, Jin Zhaowu believes that this is due to the rapid increase in the number of people in the country’s refugee reaction is more intense. Over the past year, Canada has received 271000 new immigrants, the highest since 2010, according to a report released in the same period in 2016. (end) editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: