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Campus part-time actually the development of offline   industry: the best students don’t credit – Chongqing channel: original title: campus development of offline industry: the best students actually don’t loan consumption police reminder: College of telecommunications fraud is mainly concentrated in the field of online shopping, part-time the campus a lot of false part-time information, some time ago to pay 198 yuan. The water, and the other alleged pyramid scheme, to pay a membership fee but urged holding membership earn commissions." Yesterday, the Guangdong banking regulatory bureau jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of education to send financial knowledge into the campus propaganda day activities, there are students reported to reporters. Guangzhou telecommunications network fraud center police Lee said that college students are mainly engaged in telecommunications fraud in the field of online shopping and part-time, should not easily believe that part-time online information. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Xiaoli part-time trap: Typing part-time to pay the membership fee to the development of offline yesterday, at the University City school classmate Li told reporters in August this year, part-time encounter strange phenomenon. "I see students forwarding typing part-time information, earn pocket money by typing feel good, then through the QQ contact on the recruitment of part-time people." Li Tongxue told reporters, the contact said, to be part of the membership fee must be paid, advanced 198 yuan, the initial $98, and promised to follow up will not charge. The difference between advanced and primary is that the same number of words to make more money. So, Lee students chose 198 yuan. "I found that after initiation, the task is not the focus of typing, but I will encourage typing part-time information out, and other commitments as long as holding membership, you can earn high fees, such as a primary member, you can earn 50 yuan commission." Li Tongxue said, not only that, after the admission of contacts she will pull into the lab, the teacher to teach you how to make money, in addition to holding membership of easy money, there are a variety of Taobao shop brush single skill. "The teacher also singled out one day to pull several people to join a junior high school students, even junior high school students, said a month to earn a few thousand dollars." However, Li Tongxue said that the contact will occasionally assign typing tasks, but almost impossible to complete, such as requiring 3 hours of video dialogue will be played out for more than and 40 minutes. "After admission, feel more and more not reliable, can not simply rely on typing to make money, and I did not dare to pull people in, did not earn a penny, I choose to quit, then pay 198 yuan at risk." Lee students hope that the students saw her encounter, do not be fooled. Trap: don’t check the lender loans overdue by data collection "rogue" some time ago, the media reported that students Dutch act self situation due to the inability to repay the "campus loan". Relevant person close to the CBRC Huang Chen (a pseudonym) also complained to reporters that the campus in order to be successful loan lending, no lender verification data, and collection methods also have no moral bottom line. Huang Chen said, some time ago, he suddenly received a phone call, said the friends of the child to borrow money overdue, want to immediately pay back the money. "This kid is my friend."相关的主题文章: