Cai Zhengyuan Cai Yingwen creates feelings of xenophobia to help his own incompetence mia farrow

Cai Zhengyuan: Cai Yingwen, Qiu manufacturing their own incompetence and emotional help crime – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network September 26th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, in Taiwan did not receive the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) invitation, the media interpretation is that the Taiwan authorities did not grasp the situation lead to misjudgment of the situation, Cai Yingwen, a spokesman for the office of a heavy yellow it denies the claim. KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan 25, Facebook (Facebook) issued the shelling, Cai Yingwen believes that as long as she got the power, the mainland can not deal with her, Cai Yingwen is in the manufacture of Taiwan Qiu, anger, help her own incompetence and crime. According to reports, Cai Zhengyuan said that Cai Yingwen thought that as long as she got the power, the mainland can not deal with her, Cai Yingwen believes that the "call" about the "92 consensus", is not to her concession. As for the Taiwan October will not participate in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Cai Zhengyuan pointed out that Cai Yingwen wanted to export to domestic sales, Cai Yingwen is now the abacus is Taiwan, making enemies to vent their anger, for her own incompetence and crime, the people of Taiwan to forget her "best communication" and "most will solve the problem of" commitment. Cai Zhengyuan said, Cai Yingwen also by the foreign affairs department staff to find some foreign members, "in their resolutions passed by Congress, expressed support for Taiwan’s international participation, these foreign members of the resolution are monk chanting youkouwuxin, Cai Yingwen used to fool the Taiwan people say ‘you see, that is, the trouble maker"". Cai Zhengyuan said, "don’t think play Anti China public opinion, the source of the virus can escape Cai Yingwen itself is a troublemaker". Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said September 23rd should exercise participation in the activities of international organizations in Taiwan, our position is consistent and clear, according to a Chinese principle, through cross-strait negotiation process. In 2013, Taiwan to the civil aviation authority of Taipei, chairman of the Council of the name of the guest to attend the thirty-eighth session of the International Civil Aviation Convention, is to maintain the peaceful development of cross-strait relations in the background of the "92 consensus" on the common political basis, the case made by cross-strait consultation arrangements. It should also be noted that, for the time being, Taiwan has been informed that the channels for data and information on international aviation safety are smooth. This year, the island’s internal affairs bureau has undergone major changes. The DPP authorities have refused to recognize the "92 consensus", destroyed the cross-strait common political basis, shutdown cross-strait communication mechanisms, thus not participating in Taiwan, the situation is entirely caused by the DPP authorities. The DPP authorities need to do, is to reflect on why three years ago to the Taiwan and not now, rather than on the mainland to accuse, mislead the public.相关的主题文章: