Beijing – VIDEO – PWC City Commercial Banks down to earth in the first half net profit by 18% face gossip

Beijing – VIDEO – PWC: City Commercial Banks "down to earth" in the first half net profit by 18% City Commercial Banks: PWC "down to earth" in the first half net profit by 18% [comment] in September 21st, according to a survey released by PWC in Hongkong, the first half of 2016 in the domestic bank net profit year-on-year growth rate reached 4.6% among them, the city commercial banks with an average growth rate of 18% champion, followed by growth of 6% joint-stock commercial banks, and large state-owned banks, the lowest growth rate is 3.1%. This is because of the accompanying Chinese economic transformation and upgrading of major banks personal loans and wealth management two as a business development focus, gradually guide the higher loan capital flows profits of small and medium enterprises, so the strong regional, down to Earth City Commercial bank profit growth. [comment] PWC Hongkong banking and capital markets partner Tan Wenjie at the scene said that in the new economic norm under the background of large banks than small banks because of this pressure, customers of large banks are state-owned enterprises, it is very difficult for a good pricing trend, and the management of private banking, Internet banking and flexible adaptation the rise is the biggest advantage of market share. [] from PWC Hongkong banking and capital markets partner Tan Wenjie small commercial banks in their earnings, the net interest rate, in fact their customers and their customers in the different areas in them, they are also in the risk is above in their pricing it is possible for to a good price, so if some large banks and to compare their customers such as large banks are likely to be some very large firms, and even state-owned enterprises, so they are in pricing in this area is really possible ahead point, plus their risk is low, those customers so, will become difficult to get a good pricing pricing in this respect, so this is why in the net interest margin, big banks and small Compared with the large banks, the pressure of the big banks is much bigger. [comment] partner Liang Guowei in charge of PWC Chinese Financial Services Department also said that the role of RMB in the international arena is more and more important, the RMB will be in October 1st in the SDR, become a member of the international monetary fund a reserve currency in the basket, the cross-border transactions and debt liquidation will be more use of the renminbi, which means a great opportunity to Chinese banks. Reporter Zheng Xing Hongkong reports相关的主题文章: