Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city aircraft carrier level shock

Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city carrier class supporting shock recently we need not cold building, but a kind of ideal way of life; what we need is not to profit oriented developers, but one can build a quality of life feelings of city builders. We are looking for so long, in the sea Sentosa, Hengda came to our eyes…… Never see, in modern concrete of water shortage in the north, the project will first make a few features, countless shade; never see, items not available, it has to be perfect show in front of us; never see, the project is just the park opened its doors, basically perfect shape…… Hengda, the attitude of the city to build the quality of life, into the hearts of tens of thousands of people. Hengda not only for the construction of buildings. It is reported that Evergrande break the traditional development process, in the sales stage can create all living facilities, landscape, and ultimately the implementation of real launch, hardcover floor, not only to the owners for maximum convenience and satisfaction, achievement of a distinguished vision and in the sense of sublimation. To create a perfect matching first, community facilities, five star hotels, commercial shopping centers, stadiums, schools and other international life, before the owners to enrich the community facilities, truly realize the "buy namely live", a full range to meet the owners living, vacation, recreation, shopping, leisure and other needs. It is reported that, Hengda Group has invested, generous to create China Flower Sea Island, sea Venice, Haikou City, Hawaii text brigade sea as a world-class resort, all before the Almighty holiday planning mode, the forward-looking perfect carrier class facilities, landmark high-end holiday product quality, stir in the national real estate once triggered, China became the most prestigious resort real estate leader. After the sea in 2016 after the South China Sea Islands to create another international tourism market – Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city (real estate information). For $50 billion, covers an area of 15000 mu, building facilities in the community itself, Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city is the rare large carrier class support, won the top China text brigade. Five top hot springs town, the state recognized the highest standard of five high warm water, nearly 100 hot springs pool. 35 thousand square meters of ultra – star Platinum Hotels, 26 thousand square meters of European style The Tower House Hotel,,, world style hotel, the International Conference Center of 10 thousand square meters. 100 thousand square meters of one-stop shopping center, 20 thousand square meters of the theme of the world delicacy street and 11 country customs bar street, 17 thousand square meters of Hengda Television Center, cultural center, top Asian wine culture museum, create top business clusters. 3000 square meters of international bilingual kindergarten, 8000 square meters of international bilingual elite primary schools, top schools and other top educational resources. 46 hectares of the original ecological park, 17 thousand square meters of the Olympic Sports Center, the world’s top health center of the world’s top 20 thousand square meters, the top medical center, a platinum box of 3000 square meters. Set 17 matching in one, build all-round, full age, all-weather and all luxury carrier class cultural tourism resort, won the top Chinese text brigade! With the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and national strategy, the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the world horticultural exposition, such as the international event, 7, the world’s top 2019相关的主题文章: