Beijing Academy of painting and calligraphy painting and calligraphy Qing Yu love into the Hebei Xin yvette yates

Beijing Academy of painting and calligraphy painting and calligraphy Qing Yu love into the Hebei Xingtai public (original title: Beijing Academy of painting and calligraphy painting and calligraphy Qing Yu love public welfare into the Hebei Xingtai) the afternoon of November 6th, sponsored by the Beijing Academy of painting and calligraphy, Qing Yu love business Shang Zhi Feng Yuan (Beijing) fund sales Co. Ltd., Xingtai City, the 597 painting activity center ushered in a number of love of painting the art of children. Beijing Qing Yu Academy of painting Fan Dejun, Secretary General Hao Youwang, vice president Li Zengqiang, attended the event. The activities of the special female painter Zuo Xiping teacher for children’s works on the review, fully affirmed the children’s understanding of art and expression. During the activity, the teacher took the children with the "harvest" as the theme of traditional Chinese painting. Children are enthusiastic, a crayon to draw the children under the "harvest": red apple, yellow orange and green vegetables…… The event, painting and calligraphy artist Lu Wenzhi Lu Jianping, you, Guo Wenji, Li Hengchuan, Tian Junping, Niu Tingjiao huihaopomo, brilliant works have emerged, drawing on "children’s future" attention. Calligrapher Zhao Wuhao wrote the famous motto and inspirational quotes. At the same time, the artists also with the school teachers and students to create interactive activities, exchange of painting and calligraphy experience, introduced the art of painting and calligraphy knowledge. Dean Fan Dejun said: "the development of art must start from now on, to start from the child, with a wealth of cultural activities to attract children’s attention to the arts. Children love the pursuit of art is strongly affirmed, for students is also a kind of promotion, so that they love art, love painting. Painting and calligraphy art is the most traditional Chinese culture, broad and profound, we have the responsibility and obligation to inherit and carry forward. Beijing Qing Yu painting to carry forward the fine Chinese traditional art and culture, promoting the development of Chinese painting and calligraphy art exchange and painting career, industry as the fundamental purpose. In the continuous efforts of the hospital leadership, will continue to carry out charitable activities as the main form of art and culture and promote the development of the quintessence of Chinese culture, with a variety of activities, and guide the National Youth in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese culture, which can better inherit Chinese culture next generation." It is reported that Beijing is about to start painting Qing Yu Chunni plan ", painting and calligraphy education practice as the theme, into the campus, into the community, provide a platform for the exchange of progress more calligraphy lovers, let the art of calligraphy and painting rooted in the masses and serve the masses, Everbright and prosperity for the harmonious society and culture, Tim brick tile.相关的主题文章: