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Food-and-Drink One of the greatest American classics is barbequing. Saddle up, because this weeks conversation is all about the American favorite at a Back Bay Restaurant. Barbequing means to slow cook meat at a low temperature for an elongated time. The style was born in the early 19th century western cattle drives. Being an American tradition, I love my barbeque, and I love when barbeque is done right. Too many restaurants have lost care for the American cowboy pastime, and simply cook their meat and pour extensive amounts of generic barbeque sauce over the meat. This folks is not barbeque. Pouring barbeque sauce on meat and calling it barbeque is like calling Taco Bell Mexican food. It is a shame that barbeque has been commercialized in such a way, but there are still some places that hold true to the classic style. Unfortunately, it is difficult to spot a true barbeque restaurant by a simple examination, look for reviews, ask your friends because you will need to try the food. If you happen to find a real barbeque restaurant there are some things you should pay close attention to. The first thing is simply, the selection of meats offered, chicken and ribs are good but make sure the venue offers pork entrees. Pork is the original barbeque meat, and no true barbeque venue will be without it. Many regions have adopted their own style of Barbeque, and many restaurants have dedicated specific sauces or meats to those styles such as: Tennessee, Mongolian, or classic American. The sauces and flavorings at a Back Bay Restaurant will vary among the styles. Some sauces will be tangy, or a little spicy, and possibly sweet. The way the restaurant marinates their meat will have a strong impact on its taste and flavorings. In case you are not familiar, and not a devoted cook, marinating is the process that gives barbeque meats their unique taste. The meat is soaked in an acidic, liquid seasoning before it is cooked, allowing the meat to absorb all of the flavoring before it is thrown on the grill. A personal favorite to keep an eye out for on the menu is the word smoked. Smoked barbeque is cooked by using the smoke from the burning material, usually wood or charcoal and exposing the food to it. Smoking leaves the meat with a very unique and rich flavor that cannot be compared to any other. Smoking is my fathers favorite style of barbequing, and the style I grew up with. Therefore it is the first thing I look for on a barbeque restaurants menu. If smoked food is something you love, or something you have not tried yet I recommend giving it a go. No matter what your desire, or preferences of taste and style, when youre looking for a good barbeque restaurant, pay close attention to the menu. A real barbeque restaurant will have the things we talked about today. The menu will tell you a lot about the barbeque Back Bay Restaurant youre visiting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: