Baokang Shennongjia high-speed Wuhan Shennongjia will start driving full speed 3344111

Baokang Shennongjia high-speed Wuhan Shennongjia will start driving the whole high-speed newspaper news (reporter Ju Di) yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporters from the provincial traffic department was informed that Xiangyang Baokang County Shennongjia high-speed has officially started. After the opening, not only the end of the history of Shennongjia no highway, from Wuhan to drive to the is also expected to shorten the time from the current 7 hours to 5 hours. It is understood that Shennongjia is the province’s only high-speed city. Bao Shen high-speed starting point is located in Baokang County, and insuright highway connecting the end point is located in Shennongjia forest region Yangri Town, connected with the G209 line. The total mileage of 42.924 km, the design speed of 80 kilometers per hour, is expected to be completed in 2020. Provincial Department of transportation official believes that the construction of the God of the highway, Shennongjia will integrate into the province’s highway network, closer to the distance between Shennongjia and Yichang, Xiangyang. According to reports, the current driving from Wuhan to Shennongjia, the first to go to Ma Fu silver high-speed, near the highway to Baokang County down the highway to go 100 kilometers of highway. It takes at least 6.5 hours from Wuhan to Shennongjia for a total of 470 kilometers. Paul high speed after the opening of the road, not only can shorten the distance of 60 km, and better road conditions, driving faster, drove to Shennongjia, compared with the current savings of about two hours.相关的主题文章: