Autumn Sohu ake fertilizer products – venison and wild stock or floating clouds zhongguorentiyishu

Autumn snake fat products – Sohu eat venison wild stock or floating clouds is like a roll of wild stock or floating clouds elegant, Fuchun mountains. Sit in the ancient wooden building, suddenly there is a feeling. The overall layout of the environment are caused by the dense comb, and full of changes, while old wooden doors, exquisite carvings, colorful folk style door beam printing tablecloth, elegant bonsai plants, all this is worth your taste. In the hospital the old walls were said to be cut off from the old stone village Amoy to the old brick, irregular Fletcher, it is simple, there is a kind of old Beijing courtyard of the old shadow, wood bar gate, door stone skin whew, filled with a strong sense of history. I pushed the door in, pavement and it is a retro fashion sense. The shop has 2 parrot. Out a greeting in a casual and a poem, "hello" and "Moonlight", listen to the waiter, the 2 parrot can speak more than and 10 words, very cute. The organic vegetables and wild stock or floating clouds venison health restaurant, saying this collocation is quite interesting, stimulating and nutrition to meet a variety of requirements of all people. The meal came to pot Sydney rock sugar stew, sweet and delicious, stomach fluid, also can prevent a cold autumn, "snake fat". The cool breeze, snakes hibernate to store enough nutrition, the fertilizer of the most strong, the most excellent tonic, this is the season to eat snake. New Qingyuan chicken snake buffei, snake nerve, has a strong effect of heat clearing and detoxifying, prolong life, prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, inflammation or tuberculosis. Chicken soup is tonic, two kinds of stew, very nourishing, and Phoenix soup is very delicious. Especially delicious soup, meat Sulan, snake Q bomb, even drink a few bowls. After the Qingyuan chicken meat in cooking 1 minutes, chicken tender and tasty soup is delicious. Effect of nourishing qi and blood, and through blood vessels, especially for a frail, blood barrier, limb numbness, dizziness and other symptoms of the people in the diet and health. Beautiful Zaocys: choose non-toxic snake, after pickling, and then make Maggie sauce and simmer, snake looks crisp fragrant, and retains a fresh interior. The best way to eat is: with both hands holding the snake section two, the anti bow several times, first for the period of her snake bone, health body, and then from the snake on the back with the mouth tear off the snake. This method can eat snake meat to eat clean leaving a decent jadoku, gentle. [temperature] medicinal braised wild turtle turtle has strong spleen stomach, lungs and fluid supplement effect. The wild turtle turtle soup recipe with baking, sehong bright thick, pleasant aroma. Pick the turtle skirt food, entrance fragrant glutinous and tender, delicious and exquisite, turtle egg powder powder is also very delicious, eat turtle and turtle soup cooking, but also special praise, a bowl of 2. The knife fish film, the herring slice dried, steamed with fermented black bean sauce, entrance dry and not material, with a hint of wax fragrance, with particular praise. And from the country purchase wild beans, dried pork after quite in place. There are a lot of venison, banjo, wolf cub, such as deer, taste again. There are very small green beans, meat, vegetables radish Chaodou silk. Idle 1相关的主题文章: