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Autumn and winter pharyngitis! When you have these symptoms, be careful! Sohu – health brush your teeth in the morning nausea retching, what is the sign of chronic pharyngitis and other diseases? Chronic pharyngitis and how to treat it? I believe a lot of people are like small series, is plagued by chronic pharyngitis. To this end, we interviewed the West China fourth hospital, Sichuan University sleep center, the chief physician of Otolaryngology Zhang Xiaoqing. Brush your teeth in the morning disgusting retch is chronic pharyngitis? A fan asked small, brush your teeth in the morning nausea and retching, feeling something throat, cough not not swallow, with symptoms of ad that is really suffering as like as two peas, chronic pharyngitis? Could it be a sign of some other disease? Dr. Zhang told us that these symptoms may be inflammation of the pharynx, but it may just be too sensitive to pharyngeal reflex caused by specific circumstances to specific analysis. However, if on this basis, accompanied by other physical discomfort, it does not rule out some of the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to the hospital for further examination. In the evening the symptom of chronic pharyngitis can aggravate? There are fans asked, chronic pharyngitis to the evening, the symptoms will be increased? Sometimes lying will feel not out of gas is going on? The doctor answered, when lying on the pharyngeal space than when standing, to have pharyngeal discomfort, or have a cold, sick patients, oppression blockage sense is more obvious, so there will be a feeling of not gas. Suggested that the symptoms of the patients, try to take the right side sleeping posture, reduce pharyngeal constriction. What is the difference between acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis? Maybe you will ask, cold fever when the throat uncomfortable, in the end is chronic pharyngitis or acute pharyngitis? The doctor told us that chronic pharyngitis and acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis is a difference: the iconic features of retropharyngeal lymph follicle hyperplasia, mucus secretion can cause itching, dry cough, accompanied by a strong sense of foreign body, but cough not what is generally not particularly painful. Pharyngeal inflammation is often not given attention, after the development of chronic pharyngitis. Acute pharyngitis: pharyngeal congestion symptoms, accompanied by a sense of pain. In the seasonal alternation, climate change is obvious, acute pharyngitis will increase. Therefore, when the cold cold, throat inflammation, mostly acute pharyngitis, acute or chronic pharyngitis. Suggest that you pay attention to the change of temperature in time and clothes, avoid cold. Which groups susceptible to chronic pharyngitis? Dr. Zhang told us that chronic pharyngitis with our occupation, living habits are related. The following four categories of people, the probability of suffering from chronic pharyngitis is relatively large: the occupation of the crowd is generally like the voice of teachers, customer service, singer, drama actor…… This kind of talk, use of the voice of the high frequency crowd, throat organs over a long period of fatigue, emergence of vocal nodules, chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis are more. Recommendations usually pay attention to rest your voice, try to avoid excessive use of sound. Long term exposure to dust in the crowd of long-term exposure to harmful gases or dust in the crowd, pharyngeal stimulation over ~ ~相关的主题文章: