Automotive industry in the future market structure will be how, who can promote the automotive indus remonstrate

Automotive industry in the future market structure will be how, who can promote the automotive industry change? Sohu – car people click above the "car home court", get more nutritious, down to earth’s dry cargo review: now more and more specialized in automotive industry, through OEMs, parts manufacturers and sales service the three main line, six business form the future of the big automobile industry competition pattern. In the era of technological progress led changes in the development of the automotive industry to promote the overall development of the industry organization, marketing, the market is the ecological closed-loop. First, the future of the automobile industry will become what? The auto industry is becoming different. New energy, intelligent network, the appearance of Internet companies to join, consumers gradually give up ownership and sharing economic and artisans spirit of the popular hot words these media publicity, are likely to make a difference in the automotive industry. But this is not the essence! The problem is that the auto industry is becoming more and more professional. The vehicle manufacturers are becoming the past vehicle solutions provider, on the one hand to, do anything to "consumer centric" makes the whole plant more and more ability to focus on market segmentation, excavating and grasping, and will vary, specific and micro cover and contain everything, the perfect consumer demand into concrete the details of products and services; on the other hand, there is no market insight into the ability of OEMs to sink, become pure oem. The past is becoming auto parts supplier solutions provider, on the one hand according to the vehicle factory from the consumer market abstract model, to provide spare parts and related turnkey solutions, is also responsible for the car after use after the installation and maintenance service and value-added service; on the other hand, with the development of networking and intelligent, provide automobile intelligent application content providers will also rise. Sales and service providers in the past, is gradually set up a comprehensive travel service solutions provider. From the short-term rental business in the middle of the rental business, and then to the whole life cycle of the car business, they like banks offer financial products like offering various types of travel products, and then packaged and sold to people with various travel demand. These three lines, the top six categories of business is the future of the entire automotive industry competition pattern. Specialization becomes more and more clear, it is not only the inevitable trend of the development of industrial society, but also the inevitable requirement of economic efficiency and consumer value. This division is not only from the US in the "strategic layout intelligent era to the era of intelligent" mentioned in the mode of supply chain management and accelerate the industry but also from the speed of technological evolution changes, consumer demand and the Internet industry from more and more difficult to bring "consumer centric" concept. The change of technology, organization and management mode change, consumer demand change, business culture and business model innovation are intertwined, the automotive industry since the industrial revolution along the road of specialization is a new revolution, although all this caused by technology, but the depth of change is far beyond the technology itself. Accompanied by the change of specialization, it is the change of opening and the change of market structure. Three相关的主题文章: