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Business There are all sorts of promo items available to help business grow a larger client base but the best will always be the ones that encourage existing clients to keep on patronising. Why? Because existing clients, having already displayed an interest in a business by patronising it in the first place, represent the revenue-swellers dream: a guaranteed captive audience, who just need to be persuaded to keep on spending. This can be done better than most by using personalised fridge magnets. Why? What makes a little bit of coloured plastic stuck on a magnet, or a piece of magnetised printed rubber, such a great repeat sales tool? Because it sticks to stuff. Which means its difficult to lose. Its also designed to go on a fridge, which means it probably will end up on a fridge thats placed in the number one .mon location in which all employees of a business will find themselves – the kitchen. Not even bathrooms can generate that kind of hit rate female bathrooms only ever see female employees, and male bathrooms only ever see men. The kitchen, which is almost certain to be used several times daily by almost everyone in the building, is number one advertising space: personalised fridge magnets are the perfect advertisements to put in it. Like every promo device, fridge magnets are used first to say thank you: thank you for being a good client, thank you for your order, and so on. What fridge magnets are that no other promo item (usually) can be, is different. Theyre not pens (which are an inferior advertising space because of their shape, and because they get lost); theyre not calendars (useful, but overdone); and theyre not mouse mats (which are fine but constantly obscured by mice). Personalised fridge magnets are the perfect shape for quick advertising just big enough for a logo and contact details which makes them ideal for this kind of client-based promotion. When advertising to people who already know what you do, all you need is to keep your name and number fresh in their minds so theyll call you again. Thats what the fridge magnet does better than anything else. How much fresher can a name and number be, than one seen several times daily by every person working in a building? Personalised fridge magnets can be customised and printed from any decent business printing shop. Online standouts include the rapidly-growing MrPrinterman, whose pioneering design online features are allowing small to medium businesses direct access to their own advertising departments: they can design and order the magnets right on site, which means the quickest of quick service. Once one has taken possession of ones personalised fridge magnets, its time to direct them properly. Make up a mail shot to all existing clients: or just send them out with invoices. Sending promo items with invoices has a history of being good advertising practice: psychologically, even though it is only a piece of printed rubberised magnet, a free gift received in an invoice somehow manages to ameliorate the effect of being asked for money. In other words, if a .pany asks for money whilst also giving something away, then the client feels that he or she has somehow gotten something for free. Something, in the case of personalised fridge mag.s, that will perform a vital advertising function for years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: