Astronauts in space can only watch the news network, Yang Liwei said so

Astronauts in space can only look at the "news network" Yang Liwei said the original title: astronauts in space can only watch the news network? Yang Liwei said that October 22nd is the fourth heavenly combination in orbit flight of Shenzhou astronauts, many scientific experiments in space development, how experimental progress at present? Astronauts have adapted to the life of space? CCTV reporter exclusive interview with the deputy director of the manned space engineering office, space hero Yang Liwei. An interview with Yang Liwei Yang Liwei: the astronauts working state of perfect Tiangong two astronauts carrying a laptop computer, can not only help to do a lot of experiments, can send and receive mail, real-time transmission of underground experimental data and so on. For the past few days, the performance of the astronauts, Yang Liwei, deputy director of the office of manned space engineering, said he was very satisfied. Yang Liwei: so far is very satisfactory, from launch to rendezvous and docking of astronauts to enter the temple, the whole work is completed according to the plan. Astronauts in the basic life inside, including three meals a day, drinking water, personal hygiene, and so on, from now on the whole data is also normal, the work of two people is also good. In fact, the workload in space is still relatively large. Although a lot of ground training, but some things can not be fully simulated ground. So there are some experiments that are longer than the ground. The cabin of the cabin of Yang Liwei Temple: push more rich program astronauts living Yang Liwei, Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong two astronauts have fully adapted to Tiangong two living space, according to the world synchronization schedule, every 6 days to rest a day, two people to work every day, living arrangements arranged in good order. Yang Liwei said: Although the work in eight hours, but we do not have to every work like before defining what time, now we have a day of work entirely in the hands of the astronauts at their disposal, let astronauts to arrange the jobs according to their own state, it should be said that the more independent. In addition to work, in order to enrich the life of space, ground researchers also arranged for two astronauts to plan a variety of cultural life. Yang Liwei: in order to enrich the lives of astronauts, we will push some programs up. Now the astronauts to stay in this month, our future space station is completed, our astronauts will spend more time on it, then the astronauts will slowly form a normalization in space work. For example, the astronauts will be half a year rotation, so long, they also need to know some of the ground and our country and society, some news. Of course, we will not only launch news, in the future will push some of the other TV programs to watch the news broadcast of what is the life of space? Let’s listen to Chen Dong, the first to go into space. Chen Dong’s first experience of space into space is indeed very strange, just began to feel his body will not control, can not tell how to walk, how to act. Fortunately there is a scene beside brother help, now slowly Kai相关的主题文章: