Asian American female teacher sexual assault case after the alleged drug seduction 15 year old

Asian American female teachers after the alleged sexual assault case: 15 year old boy drugged seduction original title: Asian American female teacher sexual assault case after being civil sexual female teachers may be ye in the court. (picture) in new network on 20 February, according to the American press reports, the American high school (San Pedro High School San Pedro) before the woman surnamed ye (Michelle Yeh) was involved in teacher tutoring on the school grounds, several underage male students were raped a criminal case has now been finalized, and after the court decision, the sentenced to 4 years imprisonment punishment. Now, in which an underage victim’s mother Doyle (Doe) as their minor son John Doyle? (John Doe) and the agent of the woman surnamed Ye teachers put forward civil prosecution, but also because of incorrect management MS Doyle, dereliction of duty on grounds, the Losangeles Unified School District (LAUSD) filed a civil prosecution. Said her son in the civil prosecution in MS Doyle, a 16 year old from San Pedro high school (at age 15) the boy by his biology teacher (Yeh woman) drug and liquor, which tempted the boy to have sex. According to MS Doyle in its lawsuit narrative. Yeh female teachers in just contact with DOE’s students, took the initiative to tease and clearly express her affection, and also gave Doyle many gifts, and take him to Disney and restaurants. The lawsuit also said that in addition to the use of alcohol and drugs, yeh female teachers to have sex in order to lure Doyle, also to provide him with a marijuana and prescription drugs called Xanax. At the same time, Ms. DOE is also the time of civil prosecution, the Losangeles Unified School District (LAUSD) of dereliction of duty and lack of supervision of teacher appeal. Doyle lady mentioned in the indictment of her: "she has caused irreparable damage to Doyle." According to the news of the Losangeles prosecutor’s office: "when 4 years after the end, yeh female teachers will be lifelong carried the offender’s label." Ye have female teachers in February 2015 officially became a lifelong teacher, was found in May 2015 to June, starting with my homework on the grounds of the sexual abuse of minors in different places. The woman surnamed Ye teacher after pleading guilty to 1 2016 15 was officially ruled 4 years imprisonment. Editor in chief: SN226

美华裔女教师性侵案后再被诉:下药诱奸15岁男孩   原标题:美华裔女教师性侵案后又遭民事诉讼 叶姓性侵女教师定案后又遭受害人起诉。(资料图片)   中新网2月20日电 据美国侨报报道,美国圣佩卓高中(San Pedro High School)前叶姓女教师(Michelle Yeh)涉嫌以辅导功课为由,对该校数名未成年男学生进行性侵一刑事案件今已定案,并经法院决定,对其判以4年牢刑惩罚。而今,其中一名未成年受害者的母亲多伊(Doe)作为其未成年儿子约翰?多伊(John Doe)的代理人又对叶姓女教师提出了民事起诉,同时多伊女士还因管理有误、失职为由,对洛杉矶联合学区(LAUSD)提出了民事起诉。   在多伊女士的民事起诉中表示,她的儿子,一名来自圣佩卓高中的现年16岁(当时15岁)的男孩,被他的生物教师(叶姓女子)下药、灌酒,从而诱惑这名男孩与其发生性关系。根据多伊女士在其诉讼书中的叙述。叶姓女教师在刚刚与多伊同学接触的时候,曾主动挑逗多伊并明显地表达她的好感,还曾经送给多伊许多礼物,并带他去迪斯尼以及多家餐厅。   诉讼中还表示,除使用酒精和药物以外,叶姓女教师为了引诱多伊与其发生性关系,还向他提供大麻以及一种名为Xanax的处方药品。同时,多伊女士还在本次民事起诉中,对洛杉矶联合学区(LAUSD)的失职和缺乏应有的教师监管提出申诉。   多伊女士在她的起诉书中提到:“她对多伊造成了不可修复的伤害。”根据洛杉矶检察官办公室消息:“当4年刑满结束,叶姓女教师将终身背负性侵者的标签。”叶姓女教师曾于2015年2月正式成为终身代课教师,被发现于2015年5月到6月,开始以辅导功课为由在不同地点对其未成年学生进行性侵。在叶姓女教师认罪后,于2016年1月15日被正式判定服4年牢刑。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: