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Are mobile phones to blame! The arm was dead on the toilet "bite"! Sohu health six Jun often see such a funny scene on TV: pick up the phone, the arm was stuck in the toilet pipe…… It sounds like a joke, but…… It actually happened! Quickly with the six to see! Go to the toilet to pick up the mobile phone arm was stuck for 30 minutes a bit in the morning, it is night time, the emergency department of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, the telephone rang. The original house three Yokomichi Yuancun a man in the toilet when the mobile phone accidentally fell into the toilet pipes, so he himself lying down for fishing, but difficult to get out easily, but did not pick up the mobile phone arm stuck. The family found quickly when trying to liquid soap into the pipe mouth, thinking that as far as possible to reduce the friction between the arm and the pipeline, but also failed to pull out. After this happens, anxious family immediately dialed 110, 119 and 120 for help. Reporters from the first arrived at the scene of the fire brigade learned, then into the bathroom was found in a more than and 40 year old middle-aged man lying on his side on the floor, his right arm of the 2/3 cards in the toilet pit, face very painful. Because many attempts have failed to pull out, the fire brigade decided to use the tools to break down the toilet basin, and successfully rescued him, this time from the man has been stuck for nearly 30 minutes. The firemen helpless only "down" Zhongshan hospital emergency surgery physician Zhang Di urinal to do a detailed physical examination to the man, found by card space is not very crowded, time is not too long, although you can see the forearm congestion and swelling obviously, but the physical activity status and finger feeling is normal. I strongly urge the patient to stay at home, so I did not follow the doctor to the hospital. The forearm is congested, but the finger is pale and bleeding. Why is it so easy to get in and out? (pictures from the network) firefighters, by consulting the experience we learned that when we put the arm into the toilet or urinal to retrieve items, usually along the flow direction, so the friction force is small; however, back when one is against the current, the two is to make a fist shape, so the friction will increase many. Once into a long time, limb swelling, even if give up items are also difficult to pull out. If the toilet water pressure in the pipeline will be less than the outside atmospheric pressure, but also not conducive to the arm pull out the struggle, but the stronger the calder. Easy to play mobile phone 5-10 minutes to solve the trouble of defecation best doctor Zhang Di pointed out that this happened, playing mobile phone that is to blame on the toilet. In fact, playing the phone on the toilet behavior in the Department of anus & intestine surgery physicians also seems not desirable. One is to distract the attention of defecation, defecation causes slow or no defecation, increased defecation time virtually, two is a long time, the problem is that the blood vessels and perianal anal cushion tissue due to long time by extrusion, blood sedimentation, varicose veins, induced hemorrhoids. He suggested that the general 5-10 minutes each defecation is more normal相关的主题文章: