Apple black eye guards exposure control computer technology solid converter

Apple black eye guards technology exposure control computer according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on September 29th, apple recently applied a number of new patents, among them, the most notable is the new breakthrough of the man-machine interface, the user can through the eyes, taking control of desktop computer or TV, the so-called eye tracking technology. Speculation that Apple will put the eye tracking new patent application in PC, and even the future launch of Apple TV, this technology is expected to become a new selling point of Apple’s new products to attract buyers, to further stimulate the sales of apple iMac desktop computer assembly factory quanta, Hon Hai is expected to benefit. According to reports, the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently approved a total of 48 new Apple patents, covering the human computer interface and other related fields, especially multi-user interactive interface. One of a number of 9454225 patents is particularly eye-catching, the patent called "operation" of the gaze, the patent by the eye image receiving user, determine the user’s gaze direction, then according to the direction of gaze, to find the corresponding region on the computer screen, and for the region’s content operation. Apple’s patent in the third quarter of 2013 will be submitted to the relevant application documents, but not until September this year before the approval of the patent was signed by Apple’s previously acquired Israeli PrimeSense engineer. It is reported that apple in May this year, has applied for a similar man-machine interface technology, was approved by the 23 patents, mainly in terms of finger manipulation.相关的主题文章: