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Real-Estate Shawn makes a living by driving buses. She takes everyone where they need to go, and puts a smile on the faces of many. After eighteen years of putting the same uniform, and punching that clock. In her heart she knew that it was time for a change. As a mother and a wife she knew that she owed it to her family as well as herself. The next apartment building for sale she had to go after it. Shawn has missed so many dinner dates with her husband. How do you think he would fill if she could make them more often? How would her two sons fill if they saw her sitting in the stands cheering them on? Shawn and her daughter talked about having a tea party, but because of work it never happened. How would her daughter fill to see a full tea setup in middle of the living room on a Saturday afternoon? These are the real reasons why she wanted that apartment building for sale, and she knew that she could not let slip through her fingers the next time that she saw one. I’m sure these are some the reasons why you would to get your hands on your first building, right? Shawn just started to break down, because she knew that after she owned her first building her life would be changed forever. How would that first apartment building change your life? It’s was a regular day, and Shawn was on a regular route. Her regular day changed with the blink of an eye. The same apartment building that was for sale fifteen years ago was up for sale again. After five weeks of research and diligence. Shawn was the proud owner of her first apartment building. After exploring her options Shawn decided to go down the road of getting the owner finance the deal. All that means is that the owner held the mortgage instead using other ways to get the done. By the times being what they are Jim felt it was a great way for him to still get cash flow, so he it was a good deal for him as well. Owner financing is starting to be used more often than in previous years, because it’s one of easiest ways to get a deal done. The best part about this option is that nobody has to talk to the bank. You might not be as lucky as she was, so it’s time to stop kidding around! Go for it! About the Author: After seeing that apartment building for sale the second time around; Shawn knew what she had to do. She was lucky, but you may not be. Besides why would you put your dreams on hold if you can accomplish them now? To get this life changing information go to ..startinvestinginapartments.info. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: