Anhui mother and child 3 people died because of family conflicts suspect police intervention – Sohu zuczug

Anhui mother and child 3 people died due to suspicion of the police suspected of falling into the family involvement in the 30 – Sohu news scene. Users with   the scene remains of children. China Youth Network Beijing November Xiaoxian (reporter Wu Yang) on the afternoon of November 5th, Anhui, a woman and two boys from a high-rise building fell dead on,  . According to local users broke the news, about 15 pm the same day, a 30 year old woman with two children in the town of dragon city square post falls dead. The afternoon of November 5th, the local spread of a post pointed out that the woman first two son pushed down from the building, then jumped, suspected causes of "family conflicts". As of November 6th early morning, the network posted in the WeChat browser has exceeded 100 thousand. November 6th early morning, a local resident to the China Youth Network confirmed that the deceased was a woman of about 30, a total of about two children in the age of about a year old, about one in the age of about 2. The police informed the Xiaoxian police through the micro-blog 18:58 screenshot November 5th @ Suzhou Xiaoxian public security online release "alarm notification" "in November 5th 15, wie (female) and two falls dead in the dragon town of Bowen city square. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation." The official subsequently announced on the Xiaoxian city square post fall dead event shows that, after a preliminary understanding of the events of the deceased wie because of family conflicts, emotional entanglements germination caused by suicide, the public security organs have not yet found signs in others. Currently, the relevant investigation is ongoing, and other rehabilitation work is also carried out simultaneously.相关的主题文章: