An Agreement With God For Spiritual Growth-roxane hayward

Spirituality Unique spirituality information tells us that before we entered this physical universe we all made an agreement with God. This agreement is part of our spiritual growth and we can understand this agreement once again when we unite and be.e one with the source of our existence. It is a very individual journey that allows this spiritual growth to happen. You might ask why we don’t get this information from our religious institutions and that would be a very good question. Religions perform an important function as a beacon of light that humans can use in their quest to understand their relationship with God. Unfortunately, religions have resorted to using fear as the tool that unites the parishioner with the parish. Religions have strayed from the teachings of the masters on whom the religions were founded. The spiritual masters who founded the major religions of the world all told us the same message. The message is that we are one with God. Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Abraham, and all the other masters told us this one universal message. We are not separate from God, we are one with God. It is the ultimate message of love. It is a message that unites us with God and with everything that exists. Most religions have found it necessary to deliver a message, or a doctrine, that keeps us separate from God, and this separation mentality is a fear based paradigm from which to live your life. This does not change the actuality of our beingness, which is that each and every one of us is a spirit child of God possessing the same essence of God. That is who we are. That is who we really are. Always have been and always will be for eternity. Just like God. Just as God is eternal and all knowing and creative, so are we. God created us in the image and likeness of God as part of God’s master plan when God created the physical universe and the concept of relativity. Remember, God created the physical universe in order to know experientially all that she knows conceptually. There is only one way for God to ac.plish that. God had to create us, her spirit children, to occupy this physical plane in order to experience something that God cannot experience herself. You see, in order to experience herself as God, God has to experience herself as not God. You see, God is God. God cannot not be God. God is the absolute and that is what God is. So, in order for God to experience herself as not God, she would have to somehow forget that she is God. There is no way for God to do that, except through God’s surrogates, through God’s spirit children, through us. So, are you ready for a huge Ah-haaaaa? Here it .es. We, as God’s spirit children, are all made from the same stuff that God is. We all possess the same powers and abilities as God. We are all part of God. That is who we are. That is who we really are. God’s purpose in creating us, her spirit children, was so that we could experience in the realm of the physical universe all that God knows as concepts in the realm of the absolute. That is our purpose here in the physical relative world. We are in a giant collaboration with God. Our mission is to experience life in all of its different perspectives in order for God to know, through our experiences, all that she knows as concepts in the realm of the absolute. How do we have these experiences? We create them. God gave us free will to create our lives as we choose. There is no agenda set out for us except what we choose as an agenda. We are free to be whomever we choose to be. That’s why we were created with the same powers of creation as God. We are creating machines. If this is so, then why don’t we create a more peaceful loving world and why don’t we create our own lives to be abundant and full of love? God would say to us, Yes, why don’t you? You have the absolute power to do so. I agree with God. If we have total choice to create our lives in any manner that we choose, and we do, then why don’t we create our own lives to be in alignment with the highest visions that we hold for ourselves? Why don’t we create a world society that is peaceful and loving and honors the planet that is our home instead of destroying it for short-term profits? Once again the answers to these and all the questions that confound us lies in this beautiful concept called relativity. We know that in order for God to experience all that he knows conceptually, he would have to be able to .pare God to something that God is not. God is an absolute. God cannot be what God is not, but God could make an agreement with her spirit children to that they are a part of God, made up of the same essence as God. Okay, all together now, Ah-haaaaa! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: