Ah, Tang Xiaolai exposure come cheap Trailer adorable pet tea Fantasy Adventure (video) mcncc

"Ah," Tang Xiaolai exposure come cheap Trailer adorable pet tea fantasy adventure o Tang Xiaolai Trailer Tencent entertainment news today (September 22nd), the spotlight animation released 3D animated film "Tang Xiaolai fantasy trip" the first "come" version of the trailer and concept poster, looking east the tea party fantasy world. This is the "keeper" Spotlight animation after second works, the theme once again the oriental culture and modern life is wonderful in the domestic cartoon reorganization, become an independent school, the film tells the story of a small pet tea Tang and to go on a journey to the future. For the first time exposure of the leading tea pet o Tang, as "tea Street twelve kilometers in the" bully ", other cheap to pay tribute to the classic image of adorable," Tang Bohu ", fans raised strong curiosity. Trailers also respond to the voices of fans of the animation, call coming fast, like the big screen in 2017. Tea pet for the first time to play the role of the main screen 3D technology to restore the texture of the Chinese film lock quite a traditional oriental culture of tea as the protagonist of the story. The so-called "people’s tea tea pet, pet", with tea tea things, tea tea and long-term nourish the pet, "tea spirit immersed in them, warm and beautiful color". The first trailer at the outset, lively and vivid to show a "different world": a tea shop South bustling city, there lived a porcelain tea pet, their character vivid, other adorable cute. The tea shop owner told visitors to introduce "tea pet", while the demo magical watering discoloring process "the main role of tea Street twelve Taibao" in order to enter the scene, including a golden pig, Tang, contented, brave, elephant, deer, three legs, Maitreya Buddha, account real MR, young boys and girls. During the day they still, once the boss left, immediately hey earthshaking. The protagonist of "tea Street bully" Tang sang rap complained that "every day the boss gave us watering tea every day, have a little surprise, restless heart doomed him will embark on a journey of fantasy". Notice from the screen piece of fine film special effects can be seen, fine elegant, the maximum reduction of the luster and texture of different porcelain, from the gold mud to try to close to the real blue glaze, color purple, noble and mysterious agate glaze Yingrun bright Ru, The grass is green and luxuriant. blue patterns of blue and white porcelain was rich in fine. 3D animation technology in the fusion of Oriental Aesthetics from natural style, which in recent years domestic animation technology leap again. Spotlight animation has been committed to the traditional China wind into their works, test the waters for the "small door god" also successfully into the international market, the international English version is attracting Meryl · Streep, Nicole · Kidman, · Coleman and · Zandaya; Mel; Brooks and other Hollywood stars franchise dubbing, and this "ah, don Xiaolai" is a breakthrough and innovation of a distinctive. Posters reveal the Oriental beauty of a huge teapot pouring fantasy trip the film side also released the concept of the film poster, also convey the film on the fantasy adventure core theme. From the trailer’s lively and lively atmosphere)相关的主题文章: