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2010 after the baby is fate? 3 years old children’s emotional intelligence, only you can not think of Sohu mother friend commented after the experts article, do not know how to educate their children! In this first statement, I am not what expert, just an ordinary mother, a kindergarten teacher, learned a few years of preschool education and psychology, see around a lot of adults lead to improper child problems, but there are problems in the children complain. How can we work with pre job training, and some even after several years of professional knowledge learning can parents, this occupation is not born with, also need to learn, how many people do parents without any preparation work? Showtime was just three years old, the institutional school for three months. This is a very common at noon, Showtime at one o’clock class, so the mother with porridge. At this time, I first met with showtime. No reason, our eyes met. Here’s our first conversation: Wow, your eyes are so beautiful! Are you having lunch? Showtime: well. I: you will eat it? (the mother chasing Showtime fed) that will. (he picked up their porridge spoon Quine eat me: you love) what to eat? Rice? Noodles? Dumplings? Showtime: guess (~ three years old children will ask, oh, the little girl’s EQ moment interest me): I Steamed Rice? Xinxin nodded: you guess I love what to eat meat to (this is not a simple meal from the meat, but the children desire to reflect, she enjoyed the equal exchange): beef? Mutton? Pork? Chicken duck? I said every one, Xinxin shook his head. Finally I said: fish? Xinxin nodded: you guess I love to eat what kind of food do you perceive no ~ (I do not know when, before Showtime say that her small head must be in the high-speed operation, a scene from the topic, prior to the accumulation of experience in the language she was trying to control our conversation content, and the content is not so boring, the EQ, ask you to take not?) I would like to say that the child’s ability to learn a language is very powerful, this process includes: enter the decoder output. The input includes not only hear and see, let the children chew to bite, massage, exercise more, are input, let his full sensory stimulation; decoding is about 1 and a half years old, we will find that this age children often cry and cry, because his brain is far more than the tongue cavity development, brain tells he is so expression, but the tongue can not say it, this is the decoding process, this time the parents need to understand, do not follow the child ah. To guide the children that complete, complete complete input output. The multi language environment of the family, the child began to speak relatively late, do not worry at this time, because the child’s decoding process is relatively long, but once you speak, language skills will be strong, logical thinking is also better. So, do not ignore the child’s daily life in a bit of dialogue, this may be the child’s emotional development of the bud, we need gentle care, positive lead?相关的主题文章: