After 90 unmarried women do 7 times before and after the uterus was found to be molested

Do 90 unmarried female womb maintenance before and after the 7 was found to be obscene consciously humiliated, small really has decided to "escape" from Nanning, she hopes her own experience for young women have a warning after 90 unmarried woman, claiming to cure a Nanning Yangshengtang hand, was a male technician recommended therapy, "cold palace" and to 7 times before and after were the other hand to pull the body, until the last kiss, she found something wrong. Someone’s male technician argued that only for the treatment of "cold palace", according to the top of Du meridian point (Note: perineum), and some oral powder. Honyaradoh boss admitted that involved male technician no qualifications, in accordance with the provisions of the store, while doing physical therapy, the body near the site is not allowed to touch the bare and illegal acts, the technician. The cause of treatment of hand injury is diagnosed as "cold palace" (a pseudonym), a small woman really is in a secondary vocational school graduates, in order to realize university dream, at the beginning of this year, she came home from Nanning while working, was ready in October this year, the adult college entrance examination. In a work, the small handle really accidentally sprained, although no matter what the film, but when the weather suddenly changed, always aching joints. In a friend’s recommendation, the end of September, she came to the city of Nanning Liangqing District Three District Jinxiang jade Yangshengtang for help. There old technician surnamed Niu, more than and 70 years old, in the mouth of the friends, old technician is quite capable of. At first, the small really is with respect to the heart and go, but now, in addition to hate, No. "I did not expect a grandfather generation, actually do such a thing." Small really, method of treatment of hand pain is cattle technician dressing, one or two hours to stay in health museum. Later she was diagnosed as "cold palace", the need for maintenance or even after the uterus, children are afraid of difficulties, when she heard, "cattle technician said treatment is not complicated, some oral powder, each time in abdominal topical drugs, insist on a course to". Under the promise of good governance is not good, small really began the first physical therapy. "At first, I didn’t think it was right, but I was just thinking about the cure." Small really said, two people alone into the massage room, she requested by the other party, faded pants in the abdomen dressing, then cattle do some regular massage technician action, but do not know when, the other actually insert your finger with her. Why do you think the dialogue again and again because of the feeling of being tolerated humiliation, small really no face in Nanning long, at present, she has booked a ticket in November 8th, ready to flee". Before she left, the reporter had a face-to-face conversation with her, trying to solve some of the problems that the ordinary people could not understand. Reporter: an unmarried girl, why would tolerate such behavior? Small truth: was said to be seriously ill, for the first time is urgent treatment. Reporter: why the second time to go, but also let the other party to do such a thing? Small really: the other side is the grandfather of the people, but also a doctor, had a sense of trust. Reporter: before and after 7 times, once did not question? Small really: not without doubt, but this kind of thing, inconvenient to ask people, the last few times as "inertia" go. Reporter: why the seventh found abnormal? Small true: at that time, he held my head to kiss me, struggling, I suddenly understand what happened before. Reporter: why don’t you call the police? I don’t want too many people to know this.相关的主题文章: