A Vietnamese wife with children being cheated by sorpack

A Vietnamese wife with children being cheated by the original title: Vietnamese wife with children gone she Cun, Longtan District of Jilin City, the town of Gangyao, women only one money, did not take deposits and passport source: Culture News – New Culture Network Ms. Deng in recent days, Mr. Chu one family anxious the. Through more than two years of Vietnamese daughter-in-law with 11 month old children do not know where to go to, to seek media help, hope that more people can provide clues. At the beginning of the sister of Mr. Ms. early, brother Home Yang Mu Cun Longtan District of Jilin City, Gangyao Town, the local family in 2014, still can, through a marriage agency in Harbin, married a Vietnamese woman. My brother is 32 years old this year, the sister-in-law of the age of 25, the Chinese name is Deng Shiyang." First lady introduced, with the birth of last year’s niece, the home more harmonious, there are few unpleasant incidents, has been very good ah, there is no exception. The family didn’t feel any different before her sister-in-law left. On October 20th, she said she would go to Jilin to buy clothes for the children, and then holding the child out, but never come back." First lady, my brother’s marriage is completely legal, is registered in the Civil Affairs Department, usually at home, deposits, etc. the passport in charge of the sister-in-law, Ms. Deng went out, with only one money, did not take deposits or passport. Through the retrieval of surveillance video around the store, first lady and her sister-in-law had found a strange man had contact. Accordingly, the beginning of the house that Ms. Deng may be fooled by other social software, with the child was cheated. "There was a taxi driver who said that he had taken my sister-in-law and my children to the north exit of Changchun Railway Station, and said they were going to Huludao, but the news was not confirmed." The first lady wants more people to provide clues. In addition, the beginning of the woman has been reported, the police have launched an investigation. The new cultural reporter Li Yang editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: