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A small number of cameras in the camera. This figure is rarely noticed. Tianjin shooting activities on the same day to hand in homework discussions, when we write down this figure, it is very convenient to hand over. This number is the number of photos, but also the file name of the photo. Isn’t it good to be found? Looking for is good, but if you don’t know, it would be easy to find. When the camera is shown, there are two sets of numbers that are not relevant to the data, one of which is the photo number, and the other is not. In our previous activities there are fans so wrong numbers, we want to say. Let’s talk about Canon and Nikon. First of all to playback photos, and then display the data: Canon camera picture playback, press "disp" or "info" button until the data playback; Nikon camera photos, click "keys" or "keys", until the data appear. SONY camera users do not worry, I just said. Nikon camera photo data shows a preview of Cary’s photos stored in the computer, may be slower. So, if you can write down the photo number, you can copy it from the memory card to your computer without having to preview it. This can improve the efficiency of the work. Similar to the upper right corner of the figure, but the record of this picture is the first of all photos. If you have selected a photo that you want to hand in your homework, this number is of no use at all. Because the computer does not show the numbers. The real photo number is shown in the figure above, which is the number you need to record. Submit the work card and the corresponding folder name + photo number to the work of the staff can receive. Canon camera and Nikon display similar way, different location. Canon camera photo data shows SONY is not the same. The following is the SONY A7M2 view photo number method: first, select the viewing mode in the playback menu. Then select the folder window, as shown below. If the date window is selected, the location of the photo number is displayed as a date, not a number. After seeing this picture. Then, every time you can see photos of the playback of a single photograph picture, as shown below. If your camera is not the same as what we are talking about, please refer to the instructions on the playback section, or the schematic diagram of the playback page. By the way, the electronic version of the manual is easier to search for what is needed. So, it is best to download the instructions from the official website, and then sync it to the phone.相关的主题文章: