A running record of corruption in the late Qing Dynasty, Zheng Guofan also surprised drop dead diva

A running record of corruption in the late Qing Dynasty, Zheng Guofan also surprised [Abstract] Li Xingrui spent in the running of the funds, borrowing funds up to the amount of light, plus their savings and private lending in Baoding, Beijing, a year spent huge, even Zheng Guofan also feel surprised the | ten years firewood in the late Qing Dynasty, official corruption, buying and selling prevailed is evident to anyone facts. The court is Dakaina donated door to raise military spending, grasp the right to recommend big wide acceptance of bribes, even some manipulation, parasitic on authority of scribes in the handling process of power yanguobamao, maximize the cash. Zheng Guofan Li Xingrui long in the shogunate in his diary detailed records of him in the capital running through, vividly reflects the political ecology in the late Qing dynasty. Li Xingrui, Lin Mian word, three people in Hunan town of Liuyang county. In the light of seven years (1827), died in thirty years Guangxu (1904), the official governor of Jiangxi acting governor jiang. 18 years old when his father died, his eldest son as the The family is in straitened circumstances., assume the responsibility of the whole family. Then get the students (i.e. scholar) fame, when the Taiping North hurricane, attack Changsha, Liuyang local gang sign to Yitang uprising, Li Xingrui gathered the local people set up largely to protect themselves, then come to assist and Jiang Zhongyuan suppressed Yitang syndrome. When the main force of the Taiping Army entered Jiangxi, occupied most of counties in Jiangxi Province, Liuyang has become the most important Changsha east of the barrier, the Taiping army from Jiangxi, Wanzai County West into the territory of Hunan, to Changsha, he led the militia and assist the governor of Hunan Luo Bingzhang sent Guanjun, and too flat in the fierce battle, the Taiping army. In the east of Liuyang. This time he was thirsty as Zheng Guofan informed the Zheng Guofan rate of Hunan to Jiangxi, to recruit Li Xingrui. Li Xingrui was standing in Zheng Guofan Jiangxi and the Taiping Army repeatedly saw the dark years into Zeng shogun, and ten years after Zheng Guofan, became one of the most heavily on staff. In the army and the Taiping Army during the war, Li Xingrui is responsible for long-term Liangtai Hunan (i.e. Logistics Department), although not personally led troops in front-line combat forces, but the supply is arriving, tribute. Tongzhi eight years (1869), Zheng Guofan from the governor to Zhili governor, Li Xingrui will be brought to Baoding. As a reward, and of course to the Zheng Guofan had made the work of staff to find a way out, then played up Xingrui damingfu sponsor Li Zhifu. Damingfu area for today, Yubei Ji Nan, Luxi County, the Yellow River from across the territory, is the hub of the land, and frequent floods and droughts, folk tough, governance is not easy. Zheng Guofan let Li Xingrui for he is for the court keep the South Gate of Zhili, how highly visible to its. Zheng Guofan was a powerful, authoritative, the general court recommended his sighting, and Li Xingrui was appointed as the prefect name. It is not officially took office, he was sent to Zheng Guofan do a sharp difference to the south of the disaster relief, and then returned to Baoding, ready to go to Beijing to introduce. What is the "Introduction"? Is the beginning or recommend government, county officials, unless the imperial command "no introduction" and go directly to the post, to advanced capital, by the Ministry of personnel who took to see the king, by the emperor. So show the emperor to the local line.相关的主题文章: