A Optics Valley company paid 100 million yuan of tax equity transfer income tax records-puritans pride

A Optics Valley company paid 100 million yuan of tax equity transfer income tax records of energetic and wealth surging Optics Valley, a new tax record. On November 13th, the disclosure of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the Local Taxation Bureau: a natural person shareholder equity transfer of a Optics Valley electronic technology company, revenue reached 513 million yuan, the personal income tax of 102 million 600 thousand yuan has been put in storage, again to refresh the payment of individual income tax of the single equity transfer amount. Jiangcheng high-income earners have always get together in Wuchang, Jianghan District, Optics Valley and other places, but the rapid growth of personal wealth in particular, Optics Valley. Concentrated and high income areas in finance, other universities, real estate, electricity and other fields, the Optics Valley high earners are mostly from the professional technical service industry, computer communications, optoelectronics, software information industry, HUAWEI Research Institute of Wuhan, the South China Metallurgical, Wuhan new core, China five, securities brokerage and other companies to become rich million yuan monthly salary of white-collar "camp". In recent years, Huaxing Power, national memory and many other major industrial base projects have settled in Optics Valley, high-end magnetic effect more obvious, has also led to the declaration of personal income tax increase. Last year, the district’s annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan to declare the number of up to 22 thousand people, an increase of 39%. In addition to wage income growth, forced many venture capital, venture capital institutions, has also led to the Optics Valley area, active equity transfer personal income rose sharply. 1 to October this year, the Local Taxation Bureau of natural persons in East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the proportion of equity transfer tax grew 38%, in the equity transfer of personal income tax of nearly 300 million yuan, an increase of 121%. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: