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A midsize car battle   Passat MAGOTAN; Lacrosse comparison — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Car Passat MAGOTAN a brother battle Lacrosse is a joint venture car who contrast brother? First look at the data, last year car sales charts in 206 thousand car Passat MAGOTAN car to 156 thousand way ahead, followed by. But to some changes in 2016, MAGOTAN surpassed the monthly catch up from behind, Passat, the two brothers look so much like, secretly rivalry for many years, has not been able to win. The new MAGOTAN listed, let the balance of power of two car tilt, MAGOTAN upgrade is worth affirmation. While Buick Lacrosse as flagship model, positioning is slightly higher than the joint venture car common market. But the new LaCrosse active weakness, the introduction of 1.5T models, also want to end on the market in the car come along, so the new MAGOTAN launched, more and more people compare lacrosse and magotan. Three cars were put together for this reason, to make a comprehensive comparison. – who is more decent decent? There are two meanings, one is looking at a feel good, others feel good, they have a face. With regard to the question of what kind of car is more decent, I think it involves the understanding of the brand and design, so everyone may have different answers. For these three public business car, I feel good is important, but others feel good, their face is more important. So anyway, we have to break the decent thing to eat clear, who is more decent? Design step 2017 380TSI DSG flagship of the three car all followed the family design language, MAGOTAN and Passat though not the same generation, but also looks quite like the new MAGOTAN only in the details of the deal has improved, looks better than the old MAGOTAN dynamic young, but for a the new generation models, the design of the upgrade is somewhat conservative, so did not achieve stunning results, not even feel much better than the Passat strong. Lacrosse is a new generation of models, body length of more than 5 meters, the wheelbase is more than 2.9 meters beyond the other two cars a lot. Compared with the old models, the new LaCrosse design promotion is quite obvious, the net shape, headlights tail have obvious difference, Bimaiteng and Passat upgrade easier to see. The design style of the vehicle tends to be younger, the front and rear of the vehicle is not so heavy, the momentum does not seem old enough, but still feel the aura than the other two Taiwan Volkswagen stronger. Look at the configuration of the lighting, the test of the three cars are the top models, using LED far and near light, are equipped with LED daytime driving lights. On line lamp effect should be said MAGOTAN and Passat slightly better, more obvious personality, more recognition. MAGOTAN LED headlight lamp dynamic auxiliary system (Dynamic Light Assist), a city, country and high-speed three lighting mode, the range can be adjusted automatically according to the road lighting conditions; Passat headlights are not so complicated, but the functionality is not bad, the steering assist and adaptive distance light there is)相关的主题文章: