A human meal five cadres planted new network – in the fall jiqingwuyuetian

A "human meal five cadres planted in the face of new network over – acquaintances, due to human to attend dinner; a cup of wine and relax, accepting gift cards. In August 18th, 5 cadres in Zhejiang village Jinhua City Jindong Dong Xiao Bu Cun AVON back in illegal street and accept the invitation to dinner, and accept bribes and by the party warning that all regret. The investigation, Yang Xi Cun Zheng Jiugao AVON Bu Cun village planning area has various kinds of seedlings, after the land expropriation. The company assessment, timely payment of compensation for Zheng Jiugao seedlings, please "two committees" of the village cadres to eat gold, Xinhua and other 5 village cadres to eat and take nine high Zheng send card. In January 2016, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting the "filial piety" AVON Street East port village committees’ members for compensation that accept Yang Xi Cun nursery villagers Zheng Jiugao treat and accepting shopping card, then the investigation. Through interviews with informants, to view the relevant clues to verify the supermarket of financial accounts, understand card purchase situation, the basic situation of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, a preliminary verification. Subsequently, the investigators were interviewed the village Party branch secretary Jin Xinhua, Li Wenfang, Jin Guoying, Jin Zhihua branch, Xinhua (with the same name as the Village Secretary Kim), Yang village villager Zheng Jiugao and 3 other related personnel. Village Party branch secretary Jin Xinhua told investigators, in October 21, 2015, Zheng Jiugao called to invite dinner, saying they have planted seedlings of the land was moved to compensate, thanks to. Because usually familiar, fail to beat the face, Kim Xinhua agreed by phone, Zheng Jiugao also invited other 4 village cadres. That night, Kim Xinhua and his party came to the agreed 5 hotel. During the meeting, we address each other as brothers. After the dinner, Zheng Jiugao suggested that his kind of seedlings being expropriated, assessment of the company also assessed, want to get compensation, let everybody help. "I thought it was an old acquaintance, and I said it was a little thing for me." Jin Xinhua mankoudaying. After listening to Zheng Jiugao thanks again and again, and plug to 5 people each a $2000 shopping card. In the survey, the new Kim admitted that in fact, even if they understand that Zheng nine do not ask this meal, not gift cards, but also successfully get compensation. Zheng Jiugao’s main purpose is to take this opportunity to contact with the village cadres feelings, go closer to facilitate their future need to help, we can take care of it. I always thought that the acquaintance of a meal to send gifts to deepen the feelings of the ceremony, which is a normal human contact, and now think about it, was so confused ah!" Kim Xinhua still regret it, the other 4 village cadres have also expressed regret. Subject to disciplinary action, they were ordered to pay 10 thousand yuan of discipline violations. [said] discipline and normal human contact is a way to express feelings and interpersonal communication, but the taste of human but harm can not be ignored. A taste of the human meal, let the 5 village cadres came a cropper. Section is not small, when a party cadres, in the mind should always tighten the string of discipline, should not eat refused to eat, shouldn’t take resolutely take, not luck, to try the ji. (Jinhua, Zhejiang)相关的主题文章: