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A budget of 1000 yuan can buy these small and fashionable watches lead: today does not recommend the outfit, to give you some new goods, buddies coveted watch Xiao Jian today to give you the grass. Watches do not have to be expensive, those with high color value and practical watches also need a lot of us to explore, today we will introduce five super high cost watches brand! Watch brand RichGoneBroke:RGB (RichGoneBroke), advanced by the French artist and fashion people thought a group was founded with the one and only, a novel independent design concept, a young, free personality Huobian fashion circle; RGB (RichGoneBroke) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has a huge fan base. RGB (RichGoneBroke) with 1 N collocation method, a table can have N watch strap, unique fashion collocation to bring a new experience to wear watches, looks very expensive, but the price is very close to the people. RGB (RichGoneBroke) CLUSE:CLUSE from Holland is a brand of watches, dial for girls is slightly larger, but exquisite fine girls a watchband, more delicate, design style is very simple, is a very all-match kind, with a solid basic watch strap as the main material is divided into cortex and metal. The price is very affordable, basically maintained at 500 to 1000 yuan. CLUSE CLUSE is one of many fashion people are very fond of watches, they not only take it as a table is so simple, accessories, and other accessories with very fashionable, but also frequently INS the sun into the circle of friends. CLUSE CLUSE no China website, only English version of the official website, but still recommended to find your buddies come, if you want to buy it can consider looking for people purchasing oh! CLUSEHyggeHygge watches launched in 2009, is divided into sports series and chronograph series. In Danish culture, Hygge is expressed in a friendly and warm way of life, trying to provide a simple and comfortable sense of comfort for people who are fast paced and tense. The watch is different from the traditional design, designers will design in Scandinavia watch creation show the most incisive, the design theory of modern design culture and combining traditional watches not only focus on practical function, and emphasizes the human factors in the design. Hygge TriwaTriwa was founded in 2007 and was originally created by four like-minded friends who wanted to change the form of clocks and watches. Nordic watch brand in the fresh blood, with a unique Nordic style of modernism touched many of the stars and fashion bloggers, in the global street or a variety of social networking sites, there is no shortage of its unique figure. The official website address: Triwa either from the dial pointer to the scale or the details of work are very sophisticated, there are a lot of girls with color tone Macarons color. Triwa Triwo in design Triwa相关的主题文章: