918 anniversary of the establishment of primary and secondary schools in Beijing, the Anti Japanese -aizi

" 918 " incident 85 years of primary and secondary schools in Beijing to set up a "war propaganda squad – Beijing, Beijing, September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ceng Nai) to commemorate the 918 anniversary of the 85 incident," Anti Japanese propaganda team "was established in beijing. Beijing students will learn martyrs deeds, remember history. The morning of September 18th, China people’s Anti Japanese War Memorial Hall, a solemn silence, singing loud and clear. 500 from Beijing Chaoyang Fangcaodi, Lize teachers and students, set up the first "Anti Japanese propaganda team". This means that the "war chant martyrs deeds letter do red successor theme activities and the Beijing city schools" war propaganda teams ", officially launched. Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War Memorial Hall, deputy director Dong Lixin said on that day, to study and publicize the heroic deeds of the martyrs, I hope the students can take the hero as an example, the understanding of history; to be close to some of the letters, poems, songs and other war classics, let the students learn the spirit of dialogue with history, power. Subsequently, the War Museum hall held a special performance, during the period of Anti Japanese War veterans Xu Aimin told the pupils to tell their stories, students collective martyrs of silence. Under the guidance of volunteers in the War Museum, the students were still "volunteer oath" under the joint declaration: to become the red successor, young pioneer. The same day, the War Museum deputy director Dong Lixin and Beijing Chaoyang Fangcaodi Lize branch president Zhang Jian, also signed the agreement to build the museum school, the formation of the first primary and secondary education teams "during the Anti Japanese war". The future will give full play to the war museum educational resources and school leading role by guiding the students to see the exhibition, telling stories, recite the letters, sing songs, rhymes, write message, when small instructors, do small community civilization Messenger, participate in online offering martyrs and other forms of publicity, learning the history of the war, heroic deed. "Learn to recite the letters of war martyrs deeds do red successor" theme is China on people Anti Japanese war memorial to carry forward the fine tradition and inherit the spirit of war, adhere to the history of education, strengthen the school to carry out the primary and secondary linkage, "Beijing four" campaign, an educational practice organization development. (end)相关的主题文章: