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Disability Diabetes is more prevalent than ever and 95% of cases diagnosed are type 2 diabetes. Although for some the development of diabetes is inevitable, perhaps due to hereditary and other factors, for the vast majority it can be prevented by taking these 7 simple steps Before diabetes type 2 be.es fully developed you go through a stage known as pre-diabetes. This is where you start to show some of the symptoms, which if ignored, can lead to full blown diabetes. Make these 7 action points part of your daily routine and you could stop this disease happening to you: 1) If you are overweight you risk developing diabetes. Reduce the amount of food on your plate so you gradually eat less and start to lose weight. Drink a glass of plain water or a sugar-free drink before your meal to take the edge of any hunger pains. You must get info about food for diabetes and diabetes diet guidelines. 2) Reduce the amount of fat you are eating; grill or bake foods instead of frying; use low-fat spreads and reduced fat meals. There are many food with low fat suitable for you. 3) Check the Glycemic Index of the food you are eating knowing what each food contains helps maintain your blood-sugars, which in turn can prevent the full onset of diabetes. 4) Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you keep a bottle of water with you and sip frequently youll be surprised how much you do drink throughout the day. You need this as habitual everyday to maintain your health. 5) If you are feeling peckish choose a healthy snack rather than a chocolate bar. Many delicious snack in store or you can make it your self to guarantee of nutrition. Reduce sugar from your food and substitute with low fat sugar. You must choose diabetes sugar available in store near your location. 6) Use skimmed rather than full-fat milk in hot drinks. You need learn more about this kind to process it more delicious but healthy for you. 7) Exercise is good for health. But if you are not use to exercise then start in moderation. 15 minutes gentle walking each day will ease you into a regular exercising pattern. If you work in office, do not use lift but use staircase that available to other floor. Use foot protection with acupressure point on it. All of these action points are also the ones that diabetics are advised to take if you take them now you might possibly prevent irreparable damage to your health. You must make sure about diabetes with your blood test. You must go to doctor or labs to test your blood and show indicators that you have diabetes. After it, you could be follow the diabetes guideline for the doctor or other source that you have believe it. Website about what is diabetes and treatment for diabetes will add you information useful to cure diabetes naturally. You can obtain the information and use wisely because not substitute medical guidance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: