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Arts-and-Entertainment There is a quick way to unblock access to the United States version of Netflix streaming, and its simply a matter of downloading a quick application that changes the message that you send out to the mighty company, and in return they switch your streaming account to that of the United States. This is done in a similar fashion to how web Internet proxies work for those that get blocked out of their social media accounts at school etc. Now, for some, this sounds like a radical plan, but honestly, its an easy to utilize option that most dont realize is out there. If youre in Canada, there is no reason why you shouldnt be able to enjoy the same choices that the United States gets, especially since they are getting such a lopsided amount of streaming options. When you look at the numbers, 2500 versus 14600 is a huge jump, and thats not fair. To level that playing field, and still pay for an account, you should be able to have access to all those programs and movies, which is why unblocking is so simple to do. Now, most people will not quickly jump at this option, and thats ok. You can try it out for free, and see if it works for you. Youll notice that within moments of getting the application ready, your choices will completely change, and youll get drama, horror, comedy, tv shows, and so much more at your finger tips. You will be so inundated with information and choices that youll be flabbergasted as to what to do next. Netflix Canada is a great streaming choice, but they fail to tell their customers that if you were in the United States, youd receive more than double the streaming choices! In fact, you would be receiving so many options that you couldnt even watch them all! Its that kind of choice that Netflix should be giving Canadians, especially since they are so close to the United States. If youre tired of the limited opportunities in terms of movies and entertainment, its time to stand up and check out the simple guide to getting all you want to watch through Netflix. Youre already paying for the service, might as well take advantage and get 12,000 more entertainment choices, today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: