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Travel-and-Leisure Green Hotels in Richmond Many Richmond Hotels in Virginia have become environmentally conscious over the years. One green hotel practice is the optional linen service that encourages guests to reuse their towels and sheets and not have them replaced every day and the housekeeping staff will only change them upon request. Recycling and proper waste management is another practice hotels have adopted. The housekeeping staff is instructed to save unopened items that can be reused. Reusable dishware and glassware are used as much as possible and plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and other materials are recycled. Environmentally friendly hotels also practice water and energy conservation methods like installing energy efficient appliances and light fixtures, setting up individual thermostats in each room, and regular maintenance of water and bath systems. Guests are also politely encouraged to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and switch off electronics when not in use. Hotels also get services and products from other eco-friendly businesses as well. Great Deals from Richmond Hotels To get the best deals from hotels in Richmond, do some research first before booking. The next step is to plan your vacation ahead of time and during off-season when hotels usually do major price drops because of less demand. Check hotel rates, deals, discounts, or vacation packages that are being offered by going directly to hotel websites. Some hotels offer their guests deals you will not get anywhere else if you book directly through them. Calling the hotel is another good idea; ask for a quote and when given, ask if they can offer you anything lower than was quoted earlier. Ask if the hotel offers a free night of stay if you plan to stay for five days or more or if they have weekly rates instead. You should also ask if there are other charges like taxes, parking fees, and incidentals that are only discussed during your check out, leaving you no choice but to pay. Richmond Hotels Wedding Venues Weddings are meticulously planned to make sure that they are unforgettable and happy occasions. Because of their lovely facilities and the great service they provide, hotels in Richmond, Virginia are very popular wedding venues. Historic and modern Richmond hotels are ideal for all kinds of events, whether formal, casual, or romantic. The multifunctional rooms and facilities can hold small to large groups of people at a given time and the experienced hotel staff and associated service providers like florists, entertainers, and photographers are there to help from engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, the actual wedding ceremony, and the wedding reception. Special menus can be requested and coordinated with the hotel staff to be served during the event. For out of town guests and celebrations that will take more than a day or two, hotel accommodations are also available usually at a discounted price or included in the wedding package, making the whole experience feel like a vacation at the same time. Airport Hotels in Richmond Hotels in Richmond give tourists and business travelers the combined advantage of getting standard service and amenities and the ease of staying in a hotel that is easily accessible by both public and private transportation. These hotels also provide their guests comfort and a way to save some money through complimentary shuttle services arriving from and going to the airport. There is also a shuttle service from the hotel going to certain parts of the city you may be interested in visiting, complimentary or otherwise. This is another money saving benefit since it eliminates the need to hire taxis or rental cars as you go about your business in the city. Flight schedules are also made available to Richmond airport hotel guests; a very helpful service if you need to be informed of certain arrivals or departures. Lastly, instead of waiting at the airport for your departure, you can easily wait at the comfort of your hotel and leave using the shuttle service that will take you directly to the airport when it is time for you to go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: