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Scott Assemakis is aware ofhow important an influential business network can bewhen it .es to achieving entrepreneurial success. Your network is your go-to place for ideas, resources and advice from like-minded people who share your interests and support you on your way to success. And since your network can make you or break you as an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you know how to build thriving connections that fuelyour business. Even if you dont think you need a network right now, you should still start building it. It will help you honecritical skills. You will meet new people, and you will learn how to reach out to influential individuals. Moreover, you will definitely need your network later on. Why should I build a network before I need it? Building a thriving business network before you need it will enable you to get inside information from people and businesses that are already successful. Theexperience gainedwill be invaluable to you in the long run. You might even get your very own business idea from withinyour network. Remember that humans are social beings. We have to socialize, and we do much better when were working in teams. But whats the difference between a group and a team? A groups productivity level is calculated as the sum of each individuals personal productivity level. A teams overall productivity, however, is much greater than that. Thats why we call them teams and thats why high-level businesses use them. Teams are much more efficient than individuals working by themselves. Build a thriving network before you think youll need it. Team up with people. Listen to them. Brainstorm ideas and look to help them succeed without necessarily expecting something in return. It will pay off in the long run. Scott Assemakiss 5 Tips to Influential Networking 1. Be .fortable Reaching Out to Strangers The truth is, when you build your network, you will have to reach out to strangers. And the easiest, simplest way to do it these days is online. One thing you should always keep in mind is that every person on the internet is approachable. No matter how big or busy they might seem, you have a shot at connecting with them. Seriously? You mean, even that big name in my industry whom Ive been following the blog of for years? They are approachable even by me, a mere beginner whos just starting out? Yes, including them. People are approachable. We all love connecting and most of all, we all love .pliments. And that includes big guys. If youve been reading someones blog for a while and would like to connect with them simply shoot an e-mail their way. Tell them how much you enjoy their work. If youve had any results from following their advice, that makes the .pliment even stronger! Tell them exactly what you learned from their teachings, and how you applied thatto your own life. Then share the results youve got from that. Theyre going to love you for it, no matter how big or busy they might be. New York Times Best Selling authors answer e-mails from their readers all the time. But dont take our tip for it go try this yourself! E-mail that influential person in your industry right now. Whats the worst that can happen? And whats the best that can happen? Its definitely worth a shot. 2. Find .mon Interests No Matter How Small When you first reach out to someone, you will .e across as being much more familiar if you mention something you have in .mon. This can be either a .mon interest or a .mon acquaintance no matter how unrelated. You can mention a .mon connection of yours on LinkedIn. Or a user you both follow on Twitter. Alternatively, you can use a popular blogger or website youre both following as apretext for reaching out to them. This will further generate discussion topics that are of interest to both of you. More importantly, however, the sound of that familiar name will make you .e across as more familiar yourself. Leveraging .mon interests will help you create that essential connection with someone at the most critical moment of your relationship: the beginning. 3. Focus on Them. Be a Good Listener. After you establish that first-time connection with someone especially if theyre already more influential than you are thenlistento them. Put yourself in their shoes. What are their interests? What would they like to hear from you? Why would they have an interest in connecting with you in the first place? Try to figure out what are those things that you can do for them to make them look good. To help them provide even more value. Remember that the best relationships are always mutually beneficial. Dont focus on what you want out of the interaction because that will .e in naturally at one point anyway. Focus on them instead: their needs, their interests, the things that you can do to help them. Now, if theyre already much more influential than you are in your industry, it might seem like theres not much you can really do to serve their needs. In most cases thats not true. You can find small things that someone would really appreciate in any relationship. Develop a genuine interest in their work. Follow the steps they once followed, and ask them to tell you about their own experience. Implement their advice. Share your results. Theyll be interested in hearing that. 4. Make Genuine .pliments Everyone loves .pliments. They help you build deep connections with people. However, were not talking I like your tie type .pliments here. Were talking deep, covered-by-action .pliments. Likes, shares, retweets, real interest in what someones hard work theyre all .pliments in their own way. Following someones advice being genuinely interested in their experience and teachings is one of the strongest .pliments there is. Think about it. Someone puts a lot of effort, probably a lifetime, to gather experience in one area or industry. They spend years and years doing this. Then, after having learned about that one thing for so long, they decide to share their experience with the world. They put all of these years of experience down in a blog or book. Imagine how emotionally invested they are in their work at this point. They went through all that effort and now all they want is to see other people achieve the same results they did. You read their book, follow their advice, and get some results. Then you share this with them, simply saying thanks. Is there any better .pliment in the world? By sharing your results, you give them something to show for their hard work something that also adds even more value to what they have to offer. Your getting real results by following their advice is also proof that their advice actually works. It further establishes them as experts in their fields, allowing them to reach even more people with their work. This makes them feel great. And people want to spend time with other people that make them feel great. If youve already been following someone for a while and getting results from their advice, then why not tell them? Do both of you a favour right now and do it. Send them a short e-mail to say thanks. Share the exact things you did as a result of reading their advice and tell them what results youve got. They will respond. And that will be your perfect chance to connect with the big name youd been following for so long. 5. People Who Introduce Get Introduced Its true. If you introduce other people the right way, they will automatically want to return the favour. But how do you introduce people the right way? As explained in this video, before you introduce other people, you need to make sure both parties will benefit from the relationship youre creating. By doing this, you avoid annoying the influential people in your network by referring them to others whom they have no interest in. In fact, it will be quite the opposite. If you make good introductions, the influential people in your networkwill want you to introduce them to even moreof the right people. Dont simply introduce two persons because you think they might like each other. Introduce them because you know they will both benefit from it. As explained in the video mentioned above, there are two steps to effective introduction: Step 1: Tell both parties why you think they will benefit from this relationship, and ask them if they want you to do it. Sell them on being introduced before you introduce them. Step 2:Re-iterate why the two parties should meet when you introduce them. This will make the connection frictionless, and no one will be confused about what to say or do. Remember. People who introduce get introduced. Be.e a facilitator of mutually beneficial relationships within your .work and benefit from other people returning the same favour to you. More Great Tips From Scott Assemakis Scott Assemakis is an experienced entrepreneur and business enthusiast. He loves connecting with passionate, like-minded people who share his interests. Since we talk .working why not connect with Scott Assemakis right now on Twitter and LinkedIn? 相关的主题文章: