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Health Isabel De Los Rios is a well respected speaker and an owner of a Health and fitness practice. She is also a writer and an author. In fact, she has just issued her new e-book entitled "The Diet Solution Program". Because of her extensive knowledge, she has written a number of articles about nutrition and health. She also provides many advices regarding weight loss. Below are the top 4 organic fat burning food items she explains that people must have in their homes: 1. Raw Nuts Probably, you are curious why nuts are fat burning food items when actually they are high in fat content. Yes, you are right! Nuts are high in fat content but it is the right fat that they contain. Thus, it is not dangerous to eat raw nuts without worrying of the fat that it can give you. The right fats that the raw nuts possess are efficient in losing weight. Take note that what you need to eat are the raw nuts, and not those which are already not natural. 2. Lean Meats Lean meats should also be stored at home according to Isabel De Los Rios because not only do they keep you effective and healthy, but they as well build your muscles. It is advisable to prepare lean meat in every meal because they burn off the fat that is absorbed by the body. Examples of lean meats that you can eat are natural whole eggs and poultry, deep-water fish, and meats which came from grass-fed animals. 3. Healthy Fats Coconut oil is the most effective fat you may take in your body. It contains a .pound that has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties called lauric acid. The coconut oil is assumed to burn fats because of its medium chain fatty acids. Aside from the oil you can get from the coconut, you can also intake omega 3 fatty acids. This is also a healthy fat that is good for the body. 4. Right Carbohydrates If there are right fats that the body may take in, there are also right carbohydrates that the body should consume. You need these carbohydrates so that your body can operate well. These good carbohydrates are present in fruits and vegetables. You should eat them after having a difficult physical activity so that you will be replaced with a new energy. Be good and feel really good with the four all-natural fat burning food items re.mended by Isabel De Los Rios. order them now and keep them in your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: